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winter shelter/heat

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They have pictures on their website. Simple to make

People and

Animals in



Humane Society
P.O. Box 841

Downers Grove, IL 60515

Voicemail: 630.375.7017

CORE Program: 630.375.SPAY

Winter feral cat care

Karen Commings, ASPCA Animal Watch, Coming in From the Cold (a must read!)

Feral cat shelter ideas

Solar heating

What a stroke of genius! Debbie Peterson of the Chicagoland Stray Cat Coalition uses solar pool covers/blankets to keep her ferals warm during winter. Solar pool covers are used to attract and retain heat from the sun, to keep water in swimming pools warm. Debbie saw them as a way to upgrade her feral cat houses to solar energy! On a 10°F night the temperature inside could easily reach 70°F! Torn but usable solar pool covers can be found curbside on suburban garbage pick-up days. Purchased new, prices vary based on construction and thickness. A 15 mil premium-grade 12' round blanket costs $32. Cut them with standard household scissors. Drape one over your feral cat house silver-side down, and the purring will start. Aim for full exposure to the south. Check the temperature until you know how much heat is generated; it may become too warm inside on milder days! Consider setting up a solar feeding station a distance from the sleeping area.

Fast & Functional

This innovative idea, costing around $15-20, comes to us from Dru & Paul Ceranek of Villa Park, IL. Visit them at Eclipse Dog Grooming.

Dru shared that finding one plastic bin to fit inside another was the most challenging part of this project.
The larger bin was $6, the smaller was $4. A 4x8 sheet of styrofoam insulation costs about $7, and is enough for 2 shelters with some left over.
Dru keeps the shelters elevated on her deck.
Dru & Paul's feral cats

Here are three of Dru & Paul's feral cats, recovering from surgery.

Thanks to Dru & Paul, they will not be adding to the feral cat overpopulation crisis, and will have warm, cozy shelters this winter!

Consider surrounding your cats' shelter with bails of straw. Did you know that straw is a fabulously efficient insulator? Homes insulated with 18" wide bails of straw could save 75% on heating & cooling costs. Just think what that could do for your cats!

"Cat"illac Ranch

Following the instructions from Alley Cat Allies, Diane & Manfred of Glen Ellyn, IL constructed the this Cadillac of feral cat shelters, complete with a tile floor and stuffed with straw in the winter.

Download Alley Cat Allies' instructions for Building an Inexpensive Feral Cat Shelter to make your own "Cat-illac Ranch".

Share your ideas

Submit photos and instructions of your feral cat shelter ideas. Let us know if we can publish your first name and/or last name, and your town. PACT & other feral caregivers thank you!
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Do you have links to where you got this information?
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The solar pool cover idea is great!

I second Renae's request - any links available?

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Hi the name of the site is Chicagoland Stray Cat Coalition. Sorry but I'm blanking out on how to create a link. Sorry
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All you need to do is copy the url at the top of the page (it begins with http://) and then paste it into the text of your message.
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