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Erin and a horse

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My granddaugther Erin loves horses (we live in a mobile home park) and can't have one,anyway my son meet a women who has a load of them and she ask us to come up and show then to her,we packed her up and just told her we were going for a ride,when we pulled up to the farm she was so exited. here are some pictures of her. Before we left she told Erin in the spring we can come up and ride one now she keep asking is it spring yet!!
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Sherral, my son went to a camp one year where he learned to ride. This included things like putting the halter, saddle, and bridle on the horse. Catching the horse in the pasture, brushing, and cooling the horse down after a ride. The kids also learned a lot of safety tips about handling horses. My son really liked it and really had a lot to tell me when he was home again. If your granddaughter doesn't already know how to ride, maybe something like this is a possibility for her?
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Those photos are really something Sherral!

What a lovely treat for Erin.
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Aww what a nice grandmother you are

Very cute pictures!
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Little girls and horses! The classic love story. She must have been thrilled. The daughter of friends got the "horse bug" at around ten. They couldn't afford lessons for her, but she started hanging around some nearby stables and doing odd jobs just to be around the horses. Eventually people boarding their horses there taught her to ride, and as a teenager she got to exercise several horses and just ride for fun in exchange for grooming the horses and mucking out stalls. She's 24 now, and co-owns a horse.
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