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Kittens being raised by complete novices!

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Hi there, My husband and I are trying to raise 9 kittens without their mom. Right now everyone looks healthy and playful but a few of them have very loose stools. One in particular did not make it into the litter box and his was like water. My question is this: can we give them pepto bismal (like you do for puppies) or is there something better for kittens? Obviously we need an answer quickly... we have the same question phoned into our vet but haven't had a reply yet and I'm a litte worried about this. Thanks.
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SusanGail - Wow! Sounds like you have your hands full. I'm sorry that I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm going to move this thread to the Health forum where you'll get some really good answers. We have some very knowledgeable people there. Good luck with the babies.
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What kind of milk are you giving them? Are you giving them KMR milk replacer for cats? If not this could be the problem. As for giving them Pepto Bismal I have no idea. I an not an expert but I know you can not give them regular milk. Good luck maybe someone else can help more.
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I should have been more specific. The kittens are between 5 and 7 weeks old. Five are from a litter where the mom was hit by a car on the road. The other four we just took from another mom before she moved them again and we couldn't find them (barn cats). We have one more we are going to get when he is a teeny bit older.

We are feeding the kittens canned Performatrin with a little Performatin kibble mixed in with some water. Quite mushy (looks delicious). THey usually have some leftovers so I at least know that they are getting enough food. THey are now starting to drink water on their own too. Four have had their first shots and all have been given one dose of dewormer last Sunday.
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No, do not ever give a kitten or cat pepto, it can be fatal. The ONLY thing you can give them is the kaopectate. You usually give them .5cc. However if it is parasites causing it, they need to be dewrormed or on Albon. Since it is likley with the barn cats, this may be the cause of the runny stool, unless of course these are the ones who have already been treated.
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They all had one dose of Stringid-T (?) They get a second dose tomorrow. I've got a picture and an ad going in our local paper on Tuesday. If I don't get this "D" problem solved I can't adopt them out. I love them to pieces but quite frankly I can't wait for them to all be safe and sound in new homes! Some of them (two in particular) are very, very bad kittens! Though they have all come a long way from hissing and spitting at us to "pick me up".
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Then my guess would be coccidia which needs to be treated with Albon. You might want to ask the vet about it. Kittens with the chronic runs usually need a 10 to 14 day treatment.
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Our very sick little kitten died this morning, just a couple of hours before the vet got here. She thinks that there was probably something wrong with it and not something contagious. This kitten never gained weight and was very lethargic. Once it got the runs it didn't take long for it to succumb.

By the way; our vet said that you can give cats Pepto Bismal. She said they don't like it but it won't hurt them.
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Please, anyone reading or following this thread. DO NOT give Pepto Bismol to a cat. Like asprin it can be given under a vets supervision only. It is potentially fatal because of an intolerance to ingredients. If you have doubts on what I am saying do a search on the internet for cats and pepto bismol, there is a wealth of info out there.
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Just what does it mean "can be given under a vets supervision only".
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It means the vet needs to know the weight of the cat and exactly whats wrong. The vet needs to calculate the exact dose.
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