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I am so happy right now! As some of you know I have had many problems with my computer (not being able to click on links, and go to most sites) Well today all of that ended! My mom purchased two laptops for us, and I got mine today, so now I can now use the internet without trouble. YAY!
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A new Laptop?? You lucky duck! Congrats!
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I guess we will seeing you much more often!!
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Wow, thats great news! As much as I really like my laptop (I dont have a desk computer) it is really falling apart, the screen is freaking out and changes to pink and orange all the time Does anyone know how to fix that (if possible) It´s like it loses connection and everything goes pink and blurry.
What a great thing your mum did, to buy you a laptop!
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Yeah, it was refurbished, so it is used. We got it off of overstock.com mine only cost $600 and I saw ones around $400...so if you are ever looking for anything go to that place, they have everything you could ever think of!
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New laptops?? Woohooo!!!!! Glad all your probs are over. I'm jelous!!
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Lucky you!!
I've been thinking about getting one for home, but if i did i'd never be off TCS!!!.
At work, part of my job is to put internal orders on the computer, but now it's put an order on, pay a visit to the site, put an order on, pay a visit to the site.......I'd never get to bed if i have a lap top!.

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