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Lizard attack this morning!

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I was getting ready for work this morning and noticed Mittens was acting strange. He was running around in one of the bedrooms, but I couldn't figure out what was going on--then I saw it--A lizard! He was squatting at him and I have some pics because it was just hilarious! (I'll post them later) I walked away and then I heard Mittens howling...freaked me out and I ran to the bedroom and the lizard attached himself to Mittens' paw. I went to get the broom, swept him up and threw him outside (the lizard that is)....
Thought I would share this with you guys!
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Aww.... Mittens the Lizard hunter!!
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Ooooo, the attack of the lizard! What a brave hunter Mittens is!
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My boy is constantly desperate to get at my pet Leopard Geckos. Something about lizzies that they love.
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Brave little Mittens
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I would have freaked also!!.Poor mittens getting a fright .

I bet Rosie would have loved it though!

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Aww - last month my Mum was putting Amber on my bed as she was settling down she said her eyes just about popped out of her head. Trying to figue out what she was looking at - on the wall was one of those drop tail lizards - what sharp eyes Amber has - certainly loved her for this - if she didn't spot the lizard on my wall I would have had a lizard on the lose in my room.
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My boys love it when a lizard gets into the house. I try to save the poor lizards, because my boys will play with it to death. They have no interest in eating it but they love to stalk it, make it run, catch it and start the game all over again! If I don't save the lizard, I find lizard carcasses in my house!
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