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Cat still adjusting?

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I adopted a cat yesterday and she eiter hides behind the toliet in the bathroom or under our bed...she loves to be petted and if u pick her up she starts purring instenly, she will lay on u and let u pet her as long as you want.. but when u stop..she jumps down and sticks kinda low to the ground (like a dog does when he has been abused) and runs into the bathroom or under the bed again.. she wont come out for nothing u have to move the bed to get her... is she still adjusting to this new enviorment or could there be something worng?...
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You just got her yesterday? Give her time to acclimate herself and find out if she is in a safe place. If she has been in a cage for the majority of her time on earth, she is going to find a house very intimidating. New smells, vibrations other animals? people she does not know. See to her basic needs, make sure she has seen a vet and just leave her alone until she decides she can trust you. I know this is hard to do, but it is the best way to turn a cat around to trust you. Feed her at the same times every day and in the same spot, make sure she is healthy and just give her time. 24 hours is not long enough for her to adjust-
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thanks for the quick response.. another important side not i forgot to add is that she is'nt eating or using her box... this morning she pee'ed on our bed next to my wife... but im guessing she needs a lil more time.. should i lock her up in her own lil room or let her run free around the house?

**edit: i already have setup a vet appt to get her checked out and spayed.. (tomarrow 02/12/04) also gonna find out if she's preg or not...the shelter i got her from said she might be... and if she is then i can give them the kittens when she has em... i would love to keep em myself but my wife wouldent let me... BTW the shelter is a no-kill shelter so i trust they wouldent harm the lil kittens
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any cat who is not eating needs to see a vet. when i adopted my kitten they said that stress of a new environment can cause this, you can't let this little darling starve herself
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The vet visit is a good call, she could be so stressed that she is getting ill, which can be common in these instances.
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Well.. i shut her up in her own lil room... mixed up some really stong smilling wetcat food in with her dry food... hopefully she will eat.. ill give her a few hours to see if she will eat it b4 i let her out again
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try her with babyfood chicken or turkey or kippered herring is another good tempting treat to try. Keep the lights dim when you go in there, and just talk softly to her. She sounds pretty stressed out right now. Again, the vet visit is the best thing for her right now.
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While she is shut in her room, go sit in there with her. Bring a book and just read to her. Doesn't matter what you read. Could be a trashy novel you're in the middle of or a Sports Illustrated. Or, if you are so talented, bring in a guitar and play to her. But don't reach for her. Let her come to you.
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I agree with everyone. get her to a vet and get her checked out. keep her in her own room at least until you know she is eating and using the litter box the right way. Then slowly reintroduce her to the rest of the house. sit with her in the room, read to her softly, play with her with some string toys or feathers. that sort of thing.
good luck!
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New cat?

Well give them a month to fully adjust. If it's history has abuse, be prepared to put in some hard work and have a lot of patience. It's well worth the rewards.

I've never had any dealings with a no-kill shelter though from what I read on this forum, they do a lot of good work and do they best to find permanent homes for kittens and cats.

She needs to feel secure before she can settle in. I would place her in one room for now especially since she sounds stressed. Provide plenty of bedding and have food and water available in this room. Make sure the litter is well away from the food. Go in the room and play with her with toys or read softly so she adjusts to your presence. If she seems frightened, sit down. Talk calmly and quietly to her. It can be about anything, the weather, the stuff you need to do. This way she can begin to realise that your presence isn't a bad thing.

And slowly introduce her to the rest of the house, letting her out to investigate a room or two at a time. Let her dictate what she wants to do. Don't force her to go where she isn't comfortable. (Just make sure you've cat-proofed the rest of the house too!!) Eventually she will see that there isn't anything in the house that intends to harm her.

Please, do take her to the vet to get a full check-up. If she is pregnant, you really do not want her not eating.
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