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Is Your Cat Posted on This Site without your Knowledge???? - Page 2

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Scott and others who have websites with photos...

My DH has written code to help stop people from stealing his bandwith (he runs a wallpaper site). People can still copy pics, but at least they won't be dragging down your site. I don't know how techie you are but if you can make it work for you, feel free to use it.

The code is posted on his website, for others to use.

Here's a link to the page with the code:

Deep Linking Code

This is what happens when you try to link to a pic at his website:

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See.... I leave the catsite for a little while and our babies photos are all over the internet!!!

Hope I helped and didn't cause extra grief!

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I had visited the site last night and saw several TCS pics on it. Those pics are submitted by others to that site, but mostly it's all pics that have been emailed about for years.

I agree some of the photos were in bad taste, but I remember a site that was worse a couple of years ago that was being hosted by MIT until a bunch of us got it moved. They claim it's a joke but it doesn't appear to be so. There are people like that out there and the best thing we can do is to avoid them and when they break the law report them.
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Well I went there and went through some of the links. A few pics were cute pics or intersting pics. I mean a FEW. There are alot of animal pics that shouldnt be there. There are even FOUL pics..several that are...well perverted. Maybe we can get that site taken down or something! They should be forced to atleast remove pics that show animals in danger or worse like the "cat lovers dont look" pic. The one saying for "cat lovers to not look" at even says "dont email us-dont" GRrrrrrrrrr! That was NOT a funny pic. Noone look at it. Lets just say the kitty's not alive. Why do people make sites like this! I bet if the site's hosters get enough email then they will have to shut down the site!
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I followed your link and it says that part is shut down.
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I haven't found anything offensive on this site yet....

Sounds sick though.
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Well nothing on here offended me.

I was reading the index page and it clearly stated.

Do not proceed if you are easily offended.
You've been warned.
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That site is not anywhere near as clean as it claims. Besides showing photos that it hasn't obtained permission for, it contains a lot of photos with perverted captions, so I guess only perverted people without any taste won't be offended. Has anyone here read their lame disclaimer? "Disclaimer: We do our best to avoid copyrighted material. If anything on this site has been copyrighted by you, please contact us so we can remove it or give you credit!"

Bascially, it translates to:

"We steal any photos we see and hope nobody notices. We'll show them on our web site for as long as we can get away with it."

Oh yeah... and for the sheer number of photos the site has that are supposedly submitted, can anyone tell me why it doesn't have a submit photo link. I can easily deduct the reasoning for why they don't. I think everyone else here can too.
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That is why I stopped making blinkies and other graphics, even though i would let people have them for free they would STILL steal my bandwidth and not email me before taking them. People are just so rude some times! I used to water mark the photos, but they do take away from the pic, although I think sometime they are needed.
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What made me laugh was that the photos that were stolen the person was naive enough to place their website addy on it as a sort of copyright to it! As my letter of complaint stated, I doubt that John Lund, Diane Townsend and other photographers would be pleased that this happened to their work.
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That one about the free cat made me want to cry! How awful!
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I don't know if it's too late, but the best thing to do would be to not click on any links to his site from this forum, or even email him at all because then he knows who's watching. Once I had to get an entire game pulled off a web site because it was ilegally using my work in it. If everyone got together and emailed the hosting provider instead, (you may actually have to provide a written letter but how hard is that?) it would have a greater impact, but in this case it's not just one photo from one person being stolen. It's a collection of stolen photos, so the hosting service should be more likely to do something permanent about it if more than one person complains to them. There are enough disgusting captions with sick photos other than the "free cat" picture to make it clear that this scumbag is exploiting animals the same way that internet pornographers do. He's just using them any way he sees fit to get traffic and make money.
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Your outrage will only encourage us.
I just saw this on the site.... Guys just give up, if you don't like it don't view it simple as that, it's clearly not for everyone.
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
I just saw this on the site.... Guys just give up, if you don't like it don't view it simple as that, it's clearly not for everyone.
You give it up. I already suggested that nobody should go to that site. It doesn't need to be repeated. Obviously, you haven't really read this thread. It's not necessarily about whether anybody has to like the site or agree with their content. It's about whether people approve having their photos stolen and put up on a site that illegally claims copyrights to them. You don't know what it's like to have your work stolen to make money on another site. Before you play devil's advocate you should either do your homework, or keep your fingers off the keys until you actually have a clue about what the subject matter is about.
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I'm not referring to the bit about theft.

I've actually read the whole thread, so don't accuse me that I haven't, TYVM.
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Listen guys, there is not just an issue with copyrighted images, there is an issue with the site taking images of animals hurt or photographed in bad taste or some even perverted like the dolphin one. I agree it's a person's choice whether or not they view this site, but do you really feel a site that posts photos of animals in this way should be allowed to do so? Trust me there are some bad images on that site. Sam, I'm almost positive your mother wouldnt want you to see these images, noone should have to see them at all! that's why we are wanting to do something about this. Not just for the people whos work has been stolen, but for the animals too.
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I just checked that link and it looks like it's no longer there.....
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