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Is Your Cat Posted on This Site without your Knowledge????

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I came across this site.... some of the photos look like member photos

Please check it out, and let the site know if you need a photo removed (they took down my photo of Cooper, per my request!)
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I found a few of the photos to be a bit offensive and recognized some cats as photos submitted to both of the websites in the past. Hopefully the owners have donated the use of their photos for this website. I see a lot of John Lund's work there as well.
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There are alot of familiar photos on the site. If ya'll are concerned its worth it to look. I found 2 I am pretty sure are from TCS so far.
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What a horrible site. They have a dog with pierced ears shown on there!!!
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That site does have some VERY upsetting things on there. I wouldn't want any of my photos on there, that free cat on is so not right
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Princess Purr, you are so right. I started bawling when I saw the free kitty one. This site is not funny to me and I wish I hadn't even went there. I just feel sick.
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Originally posted by Ryelee's Mom
Princess Purr, you are so right. I started bawling when I saw the free kitty one. This site is not funny to me and I wish I hadn't even went there. I just feel sick.
Ditto what they said
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I emailed them and complained...but I doubt it will do anything.
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I sent them an email too!
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this is the contact info for that domain This is their Host info if you cant get anywhere with the site owner go to the host

Baltic Enterprises (STRANGECOSMOS-DOM)
PO BOX 877

Administrative Contact:
Baltic Enterprises (U10215-OR)
PO BOX 877
636.530.7594 fax: 123 123 1234
Technical Contact:
Network Solutions, Inc. (HOST-ORG)
13200 Woodland Park Drive
Herndon, VA 20171-3025
1-888-642-9675 fax: 571-434-4620
Record expires on 02-Jan-2013.
Record created on 02-Jan-2001.
Database last updated on 11-Feb-2004 21:18:25 EST.
Domain servers in listed order:
NS2.SERVINT.COM 209.50.2
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Well, it looks like I pull my stuff off of the server.

I was very hesitant to post for this reason. I could re-upload everything with a watermark, but how annoying.
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The owner of that site seems to have an attitude problem. IMO, I think that site is owned by a teenager who sees pictures he likes and just steals them.
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Scott, I'm sorry you feel that way, but as a professional photographer I completely understand why. Perhaps you could do as one of our other members does? Some images of her beautiful cat was stolen and posted on another board as the theif's own cat. So she goes through every so often and deletes all of her photos, but will still share with us. We just have to be kinda quick to look at them, but they aren't archived indefinitely here, whether linked or attached.

I would hate to not ever be able to see your most beautiful Tiki again!
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Well, I'll probably watermark them or something and post them at a later time. Because some of them are being published in a book, I can't allow them to be passed around on the Internet.

Basically, once these photos make the rounds, they make the rounds. These guys are spammers and scammers. This guy KNOWS these images are copyrighted. ALL images are copyrighted, unless they were made 100+ years ago and no one currently holds the rights to them. So they stick them online with advertisements and pop-ups, or they stick them into "free image" archives and spam e-mails.

Just annoying.
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Those watermarks really detract from the beauty of the animal being protrayed. How rotten that people cannot respect the rights of the owner of the photo and leave the photo where it is originally posted.
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Yeah, I've actually had a bunch of problems with these issues. The first time, I made some "free" background images/textures for the game community. I do that commercially as well as a side income. Well -- even with my copyright notices all over the place -- people started taking them and posting them as their own work on their own Web site. One guy even put my web pages into the frames of his Web site, making them look like his work (while simultaneously stealing both my images AND my bandwidth).


In another instance, I let one of my photography domains run out because I was moving the site to a subdirectory of a larger operation. This was years ago, before it was really popular to register expired domains. I thought it would just go vacant. Well, after 5 years of having the site, some guy picks the domain up and uses it to point to his PORN site. My original site saw a lot of traffic from teens and pre-teens. Great, huh? So now, when they try to get to my site (which had my name all over it), a porn site comes up. To make matters worse, my name was attached to the old domain on a lot of forms and records.

What I learned is that pornographers grab expired domains regardless of what they are so they can get all of the "mistake" traffic.

I guess the bottom line is it taught me that there are a lot of people floating around online that are 100% bent on making money and they don't really care about anything else. It's sad, but it's true.

I'll figure out a compromise, but it's definitely annoying.
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Either I'm missing something or they cleaned up their act in a hurry.
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Bah I dont have the patience to click on each link.
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Well I saw two photos that had been submitted for Meowhoo contests so I contacted the owners, and now I see the photos are off the site. Also sicy, there is a cat that looks like zoey there or at the very least resembles her royal grayness Page 12 catlovers magazine is that Zoey?
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lol that is a pretty cat but not Zoey
Thanks hissy.
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Whew! That's good to know. I think the website is gone now, the link just came up invalid!
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Originally posted by hissy
I think the website is gone now, the link just came up invalid! it seems...I just got a "network problem" message!
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I just got a "Could not be found" message.
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It's still there, under

The original URL had ""
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I also cannot access it.
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Just one final note- this website listed has been getting a lot of traffic today from all of us which bumps it up in the ratings traffic on the search engines. It has also been reported by several people, so perhaps the visiting can stop ( I would hate to add to this person's popularity) and maybe one or two complaints will hit their mark and the host server do something about it. I did notice the really offensive cat related photos are now gone.

Good work guys-
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It's saying my request is invalid, so i can't get on?.
If anyone sees Rosie, please let me know.

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They have been moved around but not gone -

The offending picture is the one titled "cat lovers do not look at this"
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Theres some sad, sick people around to have sites like that one, especially the "cat lovers do not look at this".

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I'm gonna do what MA says and not even dignify the site with a looksee because that is what they want.....I guess they like to shock people and make people mad so they can enjoy it while they can.
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