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Fat cats and always licking themselves

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This isnt really a problem..more of a curiosity...when i scratch sadies back near her tail she usually loves it so much she starts licking herself, and doesn't seem to stop until i stop scratching her back. Now my question is why do they do this? I have only noticed fat cats that do it, and never once with a thinner cat..i'm just curious why they do it, and they do seem to enjoy themselves.
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I've also known a couple of cats that do this. I have no idea why!
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They do it because they're so fat that they can't reach the spot themselves, and it's a big relief to have someone scratch the itch for them. It's a sign that your vet needs to put kitty on a diet!
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I think Andrew is talking about something different. Here when you scratch the base of the tail, the cat licks its leg. Kind of like when a dog gets scratched in just the right spot he waves his leg in the air as if he were scratching the spot himself.

But, you might be right that the leg-licking is due to not being able to groom that spot due to being overweight. And, I agree that obesity is quite dangerous to cats, so a diet might be a very good thing.
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My Fat Katy does this as well. If you scratch her where she cant reach (which is most places) she will lick her front legs. I dont think she actually likes this as she will bite so I dont do it now. I feel a bit sorry for her really as she has not seen her own back feet for a number of years now. And yes she is on a permanent diet.
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My mothers cat does this as well. She is very overweight and on a diet. You touch her back right in front of her tail and she just starts licking her front legs and talking. I take her on the back porch to brush her because she just cant reach anywhere from the waist down. Vets have tried everything for dieting. I try to take her for walks in the backyard. I bring my three boys over to play with her to give her some exercise. Its a rule at grandmas house if you visit you must play with Blossom. I actually think if you continue to pet her on the back she would lick her fur right of her front paws.
She just doesnt stop until you stop petting her.
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Yeah that exactly what i am talking about!! I was always curious why fat cats do it and thinner cats do not...it is probably because they can't reach it to lick, or that it feels so good(cause like i said Sadie seems to enjoy it, she even drools sometimes)...i keep her well groomed(at least i try anyway) and i have tried to put the little fatty on a diet without much success..she just ended up eating more diet food. I watch her diet best i can and i give her treats once in a blue moon...her treat is having me brush her all the time...shes seems to enjoy that more then food =)

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