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kitty thinks she's chewing gum!

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Hi, my name is hootiecat. I have a cat who sometimes sits there and chews on nothing. She just sits there and looks as if she is chewing gum. It's so cute, but what does it mean? None of my others do this, and I don't think she has hairballs cause then there would be some choking sounds, right? she does it when she's still and quiet and it looks like she is chewing gum! any thoughts on what this means, anyone? thanks, hootiecat:jarswim:
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Hi, I think I put this in the wrong place, I should of put it in behavior. Sorry, I guess that's why no one has replied? h-cat
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How long has your cat been doing this? You may want to take your cat to the vet to have her teeth checked. She could have a problem, with her teeth or mouth, that is irritaing her.
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yeah I'd have to agree.. sounds very odd. I have never seen a cat do this.
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I agree with the vet visit, she could have rodent ulcers, or other problems that only a vet can identify-
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hiya, I never thought to take her to the vet for this. She doesn't do it all the time in an irritated way, just when she's all relaxed and laying down in her nest, she'll get this sleepy look on her face and kinda chew, like a cow chewing it's cud. this was one of my rescue babies,do you think she's regressing into a baby phase and kind of like suckling maybe? It does'nt look like distress. Thanks for telling me, I'll keep an eye on it. Otherwise she is real healthy. thanks for replying hootiecat:
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Hello, I was curious, what are rodent ulcers? I've never heard of this one. Also she doesn't drool or have sores on the outside, she looks good. thanks again, hootiecat
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A rodent ulcer is an open sore in the mouth, it can be anywhere actually, under the tongue, on the tongue in the gum line between a tooth.
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I think I know what you are talking about. My cat does this sometimes too - really randomly, but he does it more often after a meal. It almost looks like he is chewing on his tongue. It doesn't seem to irritate him or anything.

I don't know what it is, but he is okay - he doesn't have any mouth ulcers - although he does have mild gingivitis - I wonder if that could have anything to do with it?
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hello everybody! I have'nt looked in her mouth to see if anything weird is going on, she does this randomly too. She is soooo cute, now she burrowed under her blankets in her nest cage. Yesterday her "half brother" Inky was doing this for a little while, maybe he saw her do it and decided to try it. Her breath does'nt stink. Aquarius you said your kitty has gingivitis? Is that plaque on the teeth? Hootie's teeth are white as ever. Maybe they are just being babies again. Hissy, how do cats get those ulcers you were talking about? Well seeya later. hootiecat
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My cat does this sometimes too. she has not ulcers or problems with her teeth. I think its just something that some cats do.
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