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any linatone users...

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My cats are not eating very much of their dry food since I added linatone to it. It doesn't smell like meat or fish or anything so do you think I got a bad bottle or something? They'll eat it if I put it in their canned food, but I need to put the hairball stuff in there so it seems like a lot to add at once. any suggestions? does anyone else have this problem? Is there some other product I can try for Kinsey's really dry skin?
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I use linatone and my cat actually perfers the taste...she eats more dry food when I put it on. I think maybe you should try another brand of linatone?
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What brand do you use?
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I want to put Lily on some kind of Linatone supplement for her shedding.... this wont make her gain weight, will it? The word "fatty" in "fatty acid" tends to scare me.

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No...fatty acids are essential nutrients that people need to. It doesn't make us fat either. I recently stopped because Einstein's coat got so much better...I will start up again if he begins to shed badly.

I got my linatone at Petsmart, I'm not sure what brand it is. My cats LOVED it mixed in with their dry food. You can do the same with wet food also of course.
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Great, thanks so much! That is kind of what I figured, but with that word "fatty" thought I should ask! I don't want to have two "fatty" kitties! hehe

Hopefully it's not so yummy that they will just eat and eat and eat and become a "fatty!" I think we're going to start to monitor how much food they get a day because although they aren't at all fat, they are eating WAY more a day than recommended on the bag (I just read it this morning and WOAH!) and since Dante isn't as active as he used to be I want to stop a problem before it occurs!

Anyhoo.... THANKS!!!
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