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Tabby Pt Siamese Alarm Clock

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I have two Siamese cats: one Tabby Point, one Tortie Point. The Tortie is loud, but adorable in every way. She is bossy (no doubt) but fairly obedient. The Tabby wakes me up every night between 4-6 am, jumping on my stomach, face, chest, biting my elbows, fingers, licking my face, chewing on my hair. I've tried everything to get her to stop but nothing works. Some nights my Yorkshire Terrier can scare her off, but other nights she's (the Yorkie) also too tired to deal with her so she just jumps off the bed and snuggles up elsewhere leaving me to deal with my Siamese terror. I'd lock her in another room but then she scratches and cries all night. I did some research and resorted to spraying her with a water bottle, but soon that stopped bugging her and she wouldn't budge. Then I noticed she absolutely hates the smell of lavender (candles bug her a bit and when I burn the essential oils she grimaces) so I put a dash in the spray bottle. That works better, at least now she runs away, only to return a few minutes later.

HELP! Anyone have any suggestions at all? I adore my cat, but if I have to sleep nuzzling up to my spray bottle another night I don't know what I'll do. I could feed her, but that just reinforces the negative behavior (and then she returns to bug me stinking like cat food).
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When you say your tried *everything* could you be more specific? Everything encompasses a lot of area.

There are several threads about this here you can do a search for cat won't let me sleep- Here is one thread I located:

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When I say everything, I mean, everything I've heard of. I don't reinforce the bad behavior by feeding her, instead, I feed them at the same time(s) every day (twice a day because I read that might help, more frequent feedings, just smaller amounts). I also bought several toys that should help her remain active, tire her out and stimulate her (two mouse dancers strategically placed, scratching posts rubbed with catnip, clipped with feathers, and the yellow electronic toy that flips a sparkle ball around for them to chase--a popular xmas gift). I also wake her up and give her attention when I'm around (and I play with her often).
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Ok that helps. I would withdraw any sort of catnip in her life first of all. Then find a large cardboard box the kind small appliances come in? Take it and cut some cat sized holes in it off of the floor level. Cut the flaps off one end, throw in some ping pong balls and let her have a ball bin.

Invest in a good tall, sturdy cat condo and put that in your bedroom. Give her an alternate place to be. Play classical music really low all night as you sleep, and invest in ear plugs. When she starts her bombardment of affection, simply turn over and ignore her. I know this is hard to do. I have three right now that will do this to us nightly, but they are young and they will learn. Don't squirt her, pet her, talk to her, yell at her, feed her, just ignore......ignore......ignore........During the day, pay attention to her only when she is silent and quiet. And try burning a nightlight to see if that helps- Feed her a bowl of wet food right before you lay your head down on the pillow-

Good luck!
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Thanks for your help! She eats cardboard so that's out, but I'll try the food angle (maybe cut the after work feeding in half and feed her the rest before I go to bed). She's an agressive one so ignoring is tough, but I'll continue to try.
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My kitties are used to me waking up early. Did you recently change your schedule?

If not, try leaving some dry food out all night - she just might be hungry.

One of mine (a tortie) tries to wake me some mornings when I'm not ready. I just pet her for a few minutes, behind the ear while I tell her sleep and she settles down curling up next to me for a nap. That did take a while to train though. And you have to know what settles her down.

My other cat settles down when you rub the top of his nose.

I wouldn't spray her with lavendar though. Remember they lick that stuff up.

Purrs, Dorina
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Mine tend to be very active and energetic when they're especially hungry, during the morning hours. After I feed mine their breakfast, they usually get tired and sleepy after their morning 'cleaning' of themselves. Or it could be that she's just a very active cat. Mine will go up and down my 6 ft condo a few times before I see them 'blinkin' their eyes to keep from falling asleep. I applaud you for giving them patience, though. I leave dry Iams food out for all of them, and they usually stay 'pretty silent' with that, unless they haven't had any excercise during the day then they're friskey. and then I try to play at least 15 minutes with them to get them 'tired out'
Good luck with them.
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I had actually written in about the very same problem as what my kitty would do is nuzzle and nuzzle then "chomp." I got him as an 8 week old kitten and he started in right away and he is now 9 months old. I tried everything, and I mean everything, from hissing to ignoring and everything in between. Reading all I could about the problem I was well informed. I totally sympathize. He started out with the 4:30AM thing and over the months it has gradually been a little later until I can mostly sleep until 6:30-7:00. It still is somewhat of a problem but it is gradually getting better. For me, the thing that seemed to work the best was just plain covering my head with the sheet/blanket and rolling over and ignoring. He's finally seeming to understand I don't want to be bothered and will generally just snuggle up to me until I get up. Oh, there are still mornings when he tries, but it is getting better and better and I think eventually things will be good. He's not a particuarly snuggly kitty, except in the morning, so the snuggling is nice, I just hate the biting. It's taken time but we are getting there. I wish you much luck and sleep.
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