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I Think Stinkie Thinks I Am His Real Mother.

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I think of myself as my cats' mommy. Although, I think Stinkie thinks that I am his real mother. That is fine with me. I love that. I got him when he was a very small kitten in an animal shelter (it was cat love at first sight for both of us). I couldn't be any closer to him than I am. I really love this cat A LOT. But my question is - Is there a way to know for sure that he thinks I am his real mother? I believe that he does, I would just like to know if there is a way to tell for sure.
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I couldn't say if there's a way to know for sure but there might be a few things he does that'll give you an idea.

Does he bring you things, like to show you how clever he is? Things that he's 'caught' like a sock, his toys, a straw etc. Does he meow loudly while doing this? Sometimes they do this too when they treat you like their big clumsy kitten who doesn't know how to catch 'prey' for yourself. They're trying to teach you how.

Does he run to you if he's frightened or worried about something, rather than hide?

Does he groom your hair or skin or suckle on your clothing?

To me, it doesn't matter if my babies think I'm their mum or not. What matters is that I love them, they love me and we have a good life together .
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There was a programme on animal planet the other day all about how cats think etc.., which was really interesting.

I know cats hearing and sight is a lot sharper than ours, but they showed an example which was a pan lid dropping to the ground and the cat running away because the sound was 3 times as loud to them!.

Also when our cats lick "us", it's because they think we all look just like them, and to groom us as well as themselves is a natural thing to do?!.

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I know the feeling.... all five of my Himmies are total lovebugs, don't get me wrong, but Tiggers mom died when he was just barely old enough to eat, as a matter of fact, we bottle-fed him and his littermates for several days before we got them to eat, and I swear he thinks I am his mom. He's forever washing me somewhere, and if he's picked up, he has to touch your face w/his head or paws before you can pet him, strange kitty !
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