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Flowers for Valentines?

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Just wondering if I'm a total freak.

I just think getting a dozen roses is a waste of money, because all they do is die. Just sit there on the entertainment center, and droop.
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Nah, Flowers are nice but I can live without them. So nope you aren't a freak
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I love getting flowers
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I love getting flowers, though it's true all they do is die. Rob doesn't buy flowers for me very often, for that reason -- it just feels like throwing money away most of the time. But occasionally his romantic side will take over and say "Oh, what the heck!" and he'll arrive home with flowers. And THAT is some special.
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Flowers aren't a waste around here. I put them on the dining room table, pretty soon there are no less than six cats sitting on the table watching the flowers......pretty soon, one of the flowers is on the table and the cats are playing hockey with it------after they sample the flower, one will dip a paw into the vase, causing the vase to tip over and water pour all over the table and floor- instant kitty pool! The cats either splash in the water, or taste it, then track it all over the kitchen making me get up and get a mop and clean the mess---so not a waste at all, flowers are quite entertaining around here!
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I think they are a waste around Valentines day, some of the stores here put a 200% hike on a dozen roses especially for Valentines day........... how romantic
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I LOVE getting flowers! Once they start to droop, I hang them upside down to dry. Dried roses are beautiful, and they actually look nice hanging on either side of a doorway like that
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They are nice, but I would much prefer a dozen rose bushes come spring. Plant them outside and enjoy them all summer long. My husband built me a large raised bed rose garden one year - complete with stone path, iron bench and sundial. On lazy summer days we'll sit out there in the early morning sipping mimosa's and watching the birds.
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Originally posted by valanhb
I just think getting a dozen roses is a waste of money, because all they do is die. Just sit there on the entertainment center, and droop.
I couldn't have said it better myself. last year I begged my S/O not to spend the money, but he did anyway. I was pissed (i didn't act ungracious and was properly thankful) What a colassal waste of $100.

I don't mind being surprised with them, NOT during a hallmark holiday, but don't buy me flowers because 'the man' tries to make you feel like a total slob if you don't. I hate the commercialism of valentines day and would rather not waste my money.

that being said, we do exchange presents. we already did it this year and he got me a dvd i wanted and i got him one he wanted. not a disposable gift and the price doesn't go up because it's february. (truth be told we would have purchased them anyway, we just used this occasion instead of a whim)
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Just wanted to say "hi Colby!" haven't seen you posting for a while
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I adore flowers, but just can't justify the expense, especially the inflated cost of flowers around a 'flower' holiday. I will buy them myself when they're on special, though. :daisy:

I love those little live miniature rose bushes - you can keep them alive & blooming a long time here in the winter. They usually can't handle the summers, though - have to bring them inside.
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If you're a freak, then so am I ! (then again, .....LOL) I told my hubby when we married that he was forbidden to spend that much money for flowers for me for Valentines day. Buy me a box of my favorite chocolates, some flower bulbs, rose bushes, anything but something that has the price jacked up that much for one day a year. If he wants to send me flowers "just because he wanted to" any other day of the year (when they're cheaper) that would be fine and dandy.
Did I mention that I'm cheap?

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Originally posted by Melissa
Just wanted to say "hi Colby!" haven't seen you posting for a while
Hey Mel!

I'm here, just usually lurking! it takes a post about flowers on V-day to draw me out!
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I go through bouts of lurking as well- right now I'm in a posting bout
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I love flowers, but I think they're prettier in a garden. I keep some in wall vases (so Cupid doesn't eat them!) but I don't like big arrangements. That's what I say anyway... until I don't get any.
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I love getting flowers! Our first Valentine's Day, Zack got me 3 dozen roses, which were all given to me at different times of the day--of course! This year, I told him I wanted Stargazer Lillies! My fav!
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Flowers are nice but I can live without them. Right now mum has a HUGE bunch in the dining room they are pretty, but only for a few days.

Happy Valentines my friends!!!
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Flowers are nice but I can live without them.

My fiancee gets me flowers at random times as a nice surprise.
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I absolutely love getting flowers any time of the year! I'm not asking for roses for Valentines Day, and I didn't get any. I got a beautiful bouquet of carnations and daisys and rosemary with a single rose in the middle.
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I have to wonder if Mike was lurking- I woke up this morning to donuts and flowers. He won't be home this weekend, has a knife show on the coast.
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I'll take a house plant or a perennial for my flowerbeds over roses any day. BUT... if I do receive roses, I'm usually thrilled. I love smelling them and just looking at them. Hubby does occasionally buy a dozen roses here and there but he seems to find these great $20 for a dozen deals and they are really pretty.
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My sweety is just not a flower guy. He gives sweet stuff I can actually use and enjoy.
I have been having problems with my hands getting dry and calloused from so much washing, so he got me a pariffin wax hand spa. It came with a nail grooming set. Since I am studying to be a massage therapist, that was the most perfect gift he could have gotten me. I was tickled pink!
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I love getting flowers...its not often, but I love that lately it does seem to be always include around Valentine's day, and I don't mind what they are..irises are a favorite, bouquets, live mini-rose bush in a planter. Frej is very romantic, as am I, and for us, Valentine's Day is special - the first holiday we exchanged gifts,plus we became engaged the day after Valentine's day, over 8 years ago.

My two-toned (deep pink and yellow) roses and baby's breath are on the table, looking and smelling just wonderful. I'll snip and baby these and get over a week of enjoyment, and probably dry some of the petals to save.

On a practical note, my present this year was a new set of shipping scales more struggling to balance boxes on a tiny 5 inch wide postal scale!
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It is a nice surprise when they are completely unexpected, especially if they show up at work or something. But for V-Day.....yuck. A waste of money, and if you're trying to show how much you care, it's more like you showed how much thought you didn't put into it. Nothing like being a cliché. Now, if you got them from someone you weren't expecting a person who is interested and sends them as a first gesture, that's cool.
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I got a dozen beautiful roses today for Valentine's Day. They are thornless! they are yellowish, pinkish and trimmed in a deep ruby color. They are soo awesome! These are the first flowers I have ever gotten in a box, how cool Steven is such a sweetie!
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Enjoy...the colors sound similar to the ones I got today

If you have a food dehyrdator, it's great for drying the petals later on, dried rose petals have a lovely scent
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I got 4 bouquets of different flowers all day long! My first were pink roses, then white, red and pink carnations (2 batches) and when Zack got home I got a bouquet of Texas Daylillies! He made me dinner also! So good!!
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I LOVE getting flowers! Maybe it's old-fashioned, but I think it's such a nice gesture. I can't think of a better way for a guy to impress me than to show up with flowers (especially roses ).
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