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Having a Hair & Scalp Problem!

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Last Wednesday, I went for my routine haircut and highlighting for my hair. When I got there for my appointment, the woman that does my hair said that she wanted to try something different - without asking me first. She just colored my hair by putting this stuff directly onto my roots (I usually just get it highlighted - which I've been happy with doing). When she put that stuff on me, my head started burning really bad. She said that it should stop after a few minutes - it didn't. I told her that it was burning really bad and she kept asking me if it was getting better and it wasn't. She had me sit there with it on my head the full 40 minutes anyway. I was thinking that maybe my head was just sensitive or something. But later that night, my scalp felt kind of scabby. I thought that maybe she had just left some of that stuff in my hair, so I washed it again. Today, I have scabs all in my head - mostly on the top of my head, but it seems to be spreading quickly. It also seems to be kind of itchy - and it is hurting. I can feel all of these bumps on my head. What should I do? Has this ever happened to anyone else? I am seriously considering never having my hair color changed in any way ever again. I know it won't be this way. I may not go back to this person anymore. I'm not sure yet. I am just scared of what is happening to my head. I am worrying that my hair might start falling out. That scares me to death! What do you think I should do?
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Sounds like you had some kind of reaction - allergic or otherwise - to the chemicals in the color. I don't think you'll lose your hair, but what you ought to do is march back to that salon and demand every cent of your money back. You informed the stylist at the time, and she did nothing. I'd say you have more than a valid complaint.
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By the way, she had asked me about doing this several times in the past. Each time I had told her "no". I wanted to just keep having the highlighting and that's it. I guess she didn't know what the word "no" meant. It may be an allergic reaction. Do you know of anything I could do to make it better? Or do you think I should wait it out? I even thought about going to see the doctor. I did call her this afternoon and told her what was going on. She was suppose to call the company that puts out that stuff she put in my hair. But I haven't heard anything else from her.
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I had a reaction like that once from a perm. Blistered my scalp all over. I called the hairstylist and told her what happened so that they could mark down not to use that type of perm solution in the future.

Are you OK? Will aspirin help the pain??
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Yes, I took some Motrin a while ago to ease the pain. The main problem is the scabbing up of my scalp. Plus, I keep picking at it. That is probably making it hurt worse. I'm really scared about what is going on with my head, though. It has been a week, and it seems to be getting worse instead of better.
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You should really call the owner of the shop and let him/her know what happened. I would take some benyadrl for the itching and call a Doctor in the morning to see if it would be better to see them or can they prescribe something by calling your drugstore.

Your hairdresser should have washed this out as soon as you said that it was burning you and not made you keep it on the whole 40 minutes. I would send her the bill for the Doctor's appointment and any medications that you have to take as a result of this.

Good Luck I do hope that you feel better soon
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Ditto what Blondiecat said: if it's still bothering you after all this time you should probably see a doctor.

And please call the salon & let the owner know what happened. Have a friend take a picture of your scalp to show, if you can.

First and foremost, the stylist should have respected your wishes - it's YOUR hair, on YOUR head, not hers! Second, she should have been alert to the signs of a reaction. The owner really should hear about it - the stylist's attitude & inexperience could cost them business.

I hope you're feeling better soon.
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I'm sorry I've got no advice you but you have received alot of great advice already. I just hope you start feeling better soon. Keep us posted.

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I asked my stylist about this tonight. She said that if the color had bleach in it, you most likely have chemical burns on your scalp. Your hair should be fine, as far as not falling out.
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OMG that sounds terrible. If I were you, I'd go to the doctor and tell the stylist she is paying for it. Did you call them and tell them yet? You really should go to a doctor though. Let him tell you if it was a reaction or burns. I would be so angry if someone did that to me. I hope you get better soon.
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I think it is just burns as well, that happened to me one day when I decided to bleach my hair (horrible decision, I have naturally deep brown hair)it should go away soon, just be careful not to scratch.
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Originally posted by blondiecat
Your hairdresser should have washed this out as soon as you said that it was burning you and not made you keep it on the whole 40 minutes. I would send her the bill for the Doctor's appointment and any medications that you have to take as a result of this.
I definitely agree! IMO, you should also go back to the hairdresser and demand a full refund of your money.
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First off I highly recomend you take as many pic of your hair and your scalp as possible in case you need them. Second go to a doctor! You are having an allergic reaction and not to scare you, but I've heard you can get infected if you get cracks in skin. The docs can prescribe you something for your scalp. Then go back to your stylist (with your doctor's prescription for proof that you do have a problem) and with your photographs if your head is better by then. Then tell the manager, owner or whoever is superior over your stylist about the whole incident and ONLY if they wont return your money and start a fuss show them the doctors note and the pics and tell them that the stylist injured you and you want you're money back. What she did to you was wrong. You deserve your money back! Make sure you keep proof of the incident incase something happens and you need it later. It would be a good idea to write down details of what happned and put it in a safe place incase you forget over time. Anyway....good luck with your head. I'm sure your hair is going to be fine so dont worry!
I wouldnt put anything on it until you see a doctor and see what they recommend....you dont want anything to irritate it further.
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I just wanted to let everyone know that my head is almost back to normal. It's still a little itchy, but almost all of the scabs are gone and it isn't hurting anymore. The stylist did call the company that makes the stuff she put on my head. They told her that I had an allergic reaction to it. They also told her that what happened to me only happens to 1 in 150 people. Ain't I lucky?!! She said they told her that she couldn't use that stuff on me anymore - - Well, DUH! There is no way she is doing that to me again! By the way, she is the owner and the only stylist in the salon, so I couldn't go above her head or anything. And, since this is such a small town and I don't want to stir up any trouble, I didn't ask for my money back. But I probably will go and find someone else to do my hair from now on. I want to thank all of you for all of your great advice and taking the time to try and help me. Thank you very much! This is exactly why I like this web site so much. All of you are so nice and helpful!
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I'm glad you're feeling better! Honestly, this hair stylist sucks - letting you sit there in such pain for 40 minutes! You certainly deserve a refund - at the very least. I can understand you preferring to just let it go - I'm non-confrontational myself as well.
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I'm glad you are doing ok now. That was a rare that that happened, but could've been prevented if she'd listened to you! Too bad she's the owner and nothing can be done cause she might be doing this to other people. I understand the small town thing though cause I'm in one too.
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