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Need kitty names....HELP!

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Hi everyone. Haven't been here for a while. Anyway, my fiance and I got two kittens about 3 months ago. We still haven't come up with names for them! We keep trying to think of names that match their personalities, but can't think of anything. One of them is a little terror, and the other is the exact opposite. I just can't think of anything. We've even searched the net for names, but none that we've found are fitting. Does anyone have any suggestions? BTW, they are both girls. Thanks.

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Ok, this is a little lame now that I'm an adult...
but when I was about 12 we got 2 kittens, one a lover, one a fighter, and I named them Angel and Lucifer...we ended up calling them Angie and Lucy.

Funny thing was, Angel ended up being the demon, and Lucy the sweetheart!

Heck, at this point, name them Delayed and Postponed...:laughing2:
(Dee and Poe for short?)

Good luck,

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Hahaha!! Delayed and Postponed. That's pretty good. I was thinking of Orion for one, b/c I'm a car audio nut and Orion is a big car audio company. But would Orion be a good name for a girl? It always sounded like more of a boy's name to me. What do you all think? My aunt and uncle have a 6 year old foster child and she named one of them Angelface. I thought that was pretty good b/c she does have the cutest little face. And she has huge eyes that kind of make her look crosseyed, but it's so cute. We were thinking of shortening it to just Angel. Hopefully we will get a new camera for our wedding (next Saturday and I'm getting nervous ) and I can get some pics of them. But I will probably have to include our other child, Shelby Sue Precious (she is a Papillion), in the pics too or she might get jelous.:tounge2: If that is ok.

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The more the merrier!

And congrats on your upcoming Big Event!

We'll be expecting a load of kitty and wedding pics!
(edit the honeymoon pics please! )

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yin and yang

sugar and spice

I know these are lame, but they are all I could think of! sorry

good luck with the wedding and your new babies
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what do you think of the names "Maggie" and "Angel" for the other
Clarise from New orleans
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How about Angel and Trouble.
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Hi there :angel2

How about ......ummmmmmm.........Sugar & Chilie or Candy & Tamalie...:laughing2: or Cookie & Tater :laughing2...sounds like a good ol boys name!

I hope you come up with something that makes ya smile each time you say it

Love, Peace &,

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I get all of my pet names from a site called bow wow meow, they have listings by popular names, cat or dog, male or female, categories like, cute, historical, food and drink, personality, colour. It's a great site. i beleive the address is still bowwowmeow.com but if not just look up the name bow wow meow or bow wow meow pet names on your internet search engine. Good luck!
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I was thinking about your cats and what you said about them being so different, one being an angel and the other a little devil. How about the names, Sugar and Spice? I also like Sweet amd Sassy.
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I like the name sassy that Miss whitney came up with for the onery one, and Angel for the other one!
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did you guys ever decide on names?
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How about Lucy & Ethel?
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My cats names are Molly and Casper. What i do when i get a new cat is look at their face for a while until a name pops in my head. Something that suits them.
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OOOOPS i forgot to mention my cat Pookie
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Here are some sample names from my past cats. OZ was a really nutty cat who did backflips! SHASTA was bubbly and gentle. SAMMY acts like James Dean would if he was a cat. HARLEY was big and tough. MISTA is a black dominant fem! Other family cats names are COOTIE, SHOOSHOO, PEPSI, KINGCAT, BONKER, FLYBEE, INDIA, SNOWBALL, ZINNIA, PRINCESS, TOMTOM, MUSHY. Hope these help.
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Those are some great names! And by the way, I see this is your first post here......WELCOME!!!
You should start a new thread introducing yourself, and tell a bit about yourself and your cat/cats, so we can all give you a proper welcome!
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We just decided to go with Angel and Mischeif. Kind of ordinary, but hey it works.

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Those are cute names. Congratulation on your wedding.
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If one of them is grey name her Luna. That is the name of my cat.
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