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Baby Girl's Eye Got Scratched

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Milo is such a brat sometimes!!!
He's alway chasing the girl cats and harassing them.
(We just welcomed Baby girl into our home 2 weeks ago and she is finally starting to adjust and then this happens...)
Well today he smacked Baby Girl in the face and scratched her eye.
I'm pretty sure he didn't scratch the eye itself, but i had to dab the blood out of her eye to make sure. I saw a nick in her upper and lower eyelids.
And when I just check her the membrane in the corner of that eye is red and bloodshot looking and her eye is watering a bit.

I'm going to call the vet in the morning if it doesn't look better by then, She's 13 years old and I'm afraid of it getting infected.

Should I be washing her eye out??
I'm not sure what to use if I should, would saline be ok or something else???

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.
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Poor thing! I'd be nervous too. I dont want to give you the wrong advice since I have not had experience with something like this. Could you maybe call the vet and ask them before you take her in?
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Bogart's eye got scratched once and I did take him to the vet. There was a short flap of skin on the eye that the vet actually had to clip away. I couldn't tell cause his eye was so runny and I'm glad I took him in. So my vote is vet (at least call for advise).

I hope your little girl is OK!!
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Thanks for replying everyone!!
Her eye is going to be fine, it's not running or anything but I will still keep checking it for a day or so.
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