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Need some vibes please....

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Brad just found out his uncle has cancer. From what he gathered, they are going to try and do some sort of surgery soon but it doesn't look good. He's been sick for awhile but he's too stubborn to go to the doctors, but last night he got really sick and ended up in the ER, well they did a scope test today and found the cancer wrapped around his colon and aren't sure if it's spread into his liver or not. they couln't do a lower GI scope because they couldn't get the scope past the tumor.
Can you guys send Brads uncle(and family) some healing vibes? I know the power of TCS will shine thru again for him!!!!
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sending vibes........sending vibes.........sending vibes.......sending hugs too.......
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sending vibes......... hope the surgery goes well, I will keep my fingers crossed for you, Brad and his uncle.
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I hope the surgery goes well - keeping my fingers crossed!
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What terrible news! I'm sending good vibes your way! Also, my aunt had colon cancer that spread to her liver. She was diagnosed over three years ago. Please know that it does not have to be a death sentence. VIBES~~~~~~
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Thanks everyone. Yes I know cancer isn't a death sentence but this is a man who hasn't seen a doctor since he was a child. He is stubborn and just will NOT go. He's going to have surgery Thurs, and I am hoping for the best. I am such a wreck. Now I certainly am glad I'm on vacation, work would be a bad idea right now.
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Sending medical healing vibes from Iceland ((((((( V I B E S )))))
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sending healing vibes from singapore.......
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And South Africa!
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Sending 'Get Well' vibes.

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Sending vibes and hugs along!!!!
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healing vibes from the UK
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Good vibes coming from Nova Scotia!
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Vibes and prayers going out for his Uncle....
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