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Tuesdays thread.

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So, whats everyone up to right at this moment?.

It's only 2pm here in the UK. I have a huge pile of internal orders to go on my screen, and yes, i'm not doing them yet, because i'm on the site which is more important!!.

I'll be shopping this evening and buying Rosie a collar to wear for the first time, and that should be fun!!!

Have a great day, it's blowing a gale where i am!!.

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When is winter going to end?

Still have my migraine and backache although it is not as bad as it was.
I have to make a pavlova this arvo for the baby shower that we are throwing for a friend tonight. Yum.

I am reading a book about a body found in a peat bog in Ireland. It is quite good.

Had a weird dream last night - all I can remember is that there were a lot of snakes and I broke one in half and it bit a boy.

Have a good day all.

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Made a great liver treat for my ferals this morning. I worry about them in the winter and try to give them more rich foods to keep their body fat up in the winter. Man they chowed down!!

Going to the vet this afternoon for booster shots for Oscar and Spanky and a cortisone shot for Shep. Shep has been doing better the last week (eating well and more energy than usual), so want to keep up her well-being. Tomorrow is parvo booster for Sam and Spike, then start of puppy obedience training.
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Not a good day here. First I have a horrible dream that someone close to me( never knew who) passed away and then Brad calls and tells me that his uncle has cancer and the outlook isn't too good.
I just want to crawl back into bed and hide!
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I am sorry jugen. My Aunt died of cancer last july, I know how hard it can be.
So far it is only 9:50 am here, just watching news and then I have no plans for today, but I never have plans anyways, heh....gotta go clean litter boxes now!
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It's 6.30pm and I'm so fed up already, my other half has had to go away for a few days because of work and I'm already missing him like crazy. I'm sat here waiting for him to get off work because he's going to phone me. At least he didn't get sent to the shetlands

Jugen: I'm sorry you've had such bad news ((((hugs))))

Kiwideus: Hope you're feeling better.

Rosiemac: I hope Rosie likes her collar.
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It's a rainy day here in Houston. I went home sick yesterday from work--I have worn myself completely down and so a nice long 12 hour nap did it for me. I am still exhausted though. Going get some more rest tonight; I just feel really bad that I missed my classes last night--but I heard I didn't miss much! haha...that's a good thing.

My grandfather came in today to sign a revised contract that looks like it may go through...but most of you know how real estate is: can't count your money until it is in your hands!

My mother moved up her wedding date A LOT! She is now getting married March 22 in Las Vegas!! It's a Monday, but she doesn't care since they will be there for vacation anyway! Zack and I are going to be there for a couple of days--so it will be lots of fun!

Going get back to studying--Have a good day everyone!
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It's 3:15 p.m. here in Florida. I guess I can't complain too much. (Except that I have to work, but oh well, I have to make enough money to spoil my cats!) Today I ordered them a cat "dome". It's a covered cat bed. The lady is making it special for me. It will be 24"x24"x18". She is making the "door" wider to 14 inches. I wanted both cats to be able to look out at the same time. I think that will be big enough. I decided I needed to order them a "house" of some sort when Max took to sleeping in his cage! This should be much more comfortable.

Hope everyone is well!
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Hi everyone! Today really hasn't been anything special for me. It's actually the first day in a while that I haven't left work early or come in late (interviews and vet appointments). I guess the only thing I really have to say is that I am SOOOO tired! Sunday night I just could not fall asleep and yesterday I was fine so I guess it caught up with me today. Thank God for Tim Horton's!!! mmm coffee
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Sam (puppy) got car sick on the way home from the vets. All I can say is YUCK!!! Calm and clean puppy, clean kennel, clean blanket, clean car, clean collar and leash, and shower myself off!! LOL Poor little guy!

Note to self: do not take puppy in car until at least 4 hours after last meal.
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This has been a rainy day here. We had some snow some days ago and very cold but it got quicly warmer (I wanted the snow to stay, still glad for warmer weather ) and today it has been about 40 F.

Pollýanna is more ready so explode today than than ever. She has started to come to my lap and ask for a gentle rub on her cysts.

We went today to bye a teddy for Oliver to give his new cousin, and bought this wonderfully soft and cute one for him...BUT they had a teddy sale, so we found ourself also walking out from the store with one for Oliver...exactly like the other one, except it is over over size, at least 2 times the size of Oliver He really loves it, tries to drag it on its ears, but cant drag it an inch
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The whole freakin' city has gone crazy! This AM, the cable was out. When I got home, I found out that it was because of a string of overnight arson fires in MY neighborhood! Someone set a bunch of Dumpsters on fire and one of them burned down a pole, taking down the TV cable.

On my way home, the traffic report said that one of the intersections, that I drive through was totally shut down. Since there was a stopped train, between there and where I was, I took a detour. Some bozo pulled out of a Circle K and tried to run me off of the road. I "waved" at him. Turns out, that the intersection is closed, due to a double homicide. Eek!

This is on top of drowning my cellphone, yesterday. It fell out of my pocket and landed in the toilet, at work. At least, I am getting a new one, at a good price. I called AT&T directly and talked to a very nice young man, who gave me a good deal.

I hope that the pizza gets here, soon. Bill and I are both wrecked, tonight.
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