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Happy Birthday you wonderful, funny woman!!

Hmmm, white shirt? I'm in suspense too!! Can't wait to hear where he took you.
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Happy Birthday Kim! Can't wait to hear all about the juicy details!
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Happy Birthday!!!!
I hope your day has been wonderful right form the start!
I am very excited to hear about your "white shirt date"

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Happy Birthday!!!!
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to you, Kim.

I'd PhotoShop something for you, but I have neither the software nor the talent.

Hope all your birthday wishes some true....even ones in white shirts.
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Happy Happy Birthday Kim!! :icecream:
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Are you sure he said white shirt? It wasn't white coat, was it? The kind with really long sleeves and buckles in the back?
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Happy Birthday to our very own Photoshop QUEEN!!! We all must BOW before you!
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Happy Birthday!!!
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Happy Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday from Nico and BOB

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I can't wait to hear all the details.


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Happy Birthday KIM! I hope it's a great day (and night) and that you two have fun!
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Keith's big surprise for my birthday was so sweet! He planned to take me on a mini cruise for the evening on a 1930s river yacht. Check this out the cool cruise The only bummer is that we didn't go.... Would you believe that we had reservations and the boat left with out us! LOL!!! And we arrived ten minutes early, too. My poor hubby.....

Keith and I plan to try this little excursion next weekend. So, for my birthday Keith cooked a wonderful steak dinner - YUM- I was craving steak, too.

Thank you all for the warm birthday wishes! I had a great day!!

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Awwww... that's too bad the boat left so early. If anything, I would have thought it would leave late. It's a CRUISE boat, not a speed boat! LOL!!! I guess you'll get to celebrate your birthday again. Maybe you'll get another steak dinner out of it too.
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and help yourself to a piece of [color=dark pink] zero calorie [/color]cyber cake!!!!

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Kim, so sorry the boat left without you guys. Glad you guys had fun anyway!!

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Oh no... I missed it!

Happy Belated birthday Kim!!!! (((hugs)))

Keith sounds like a realy sweetie. It's great that he made your birthday special. Have a great time on the excursion, whenever you guys do make it on board. Maybe it's best to camp out the night before? hehehe
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I am so sorry I am late with this!!! I hope you had a GREAT birthday!!!! You deserve it!!!!
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