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Making CDs

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So is it like impossiable to find good copies of songs you want to make a CD? I remember easily downloading enough music to make a CD and not have any problems with it. Now you download a song and its all scratchy.

I know I know laws blah blah blah! But why buy a whole CD if you only like 1 or 2 songs by an artist???

All crabby now. Wanted to have a CD to listen to at the gym!
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What programme do you use to burn(write) Cd's, I'm looking for a free downloadable one off the net if possible, for Audio & Images. Any help appreciated.

I use Kazaa. For my music, I know I know but still 10000's of people use it.
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if you are using Kazaa check the quality if it is 128 or above it's cd quality.

There is a program my friend uses called 'Burn4free' which is free off the net, it does audio but I don't know about images. I'll try and find the link, but I haven't used it myself since I got Nero free with my drive.

Depending on what version of windows you have you may need to get ASPI drivers which you can download off the FAQ page. This is the
download page. It does say that you cannot copy whole cd's with this program just author your own and it also mentions automatic download of something called NavHelper.
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I use WinMX to get individual songs I like and I have Nero for burning software.
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If your computer has a cd-burner installed it
should have some kind of software that come with it.
Be careful if you load some other software on top
of it, you can cause major problems,
I had to clean up a the hard drive and reload
Windows because it would not do anything until
I did, SO be carefull!
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Originally posted by Cabbie
I use WinMX to get individual songs I like and I have Nero for burning software.

Downloading right now. I hope its good. Thanks for the tip
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Sam, what version of Windows do you have (assuming you aren't on a mac)? If it's XP, then the ability to write music and images to CD's is built in. Other than that, I've always used the software that came with the CD burner.
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I am really new to this burning CDs business, and haven't tried audio yet. BUT, I have done a bunch of data CDs, including some image archives, and have been absolutely delighted with the software that came with the drive. One of the criteria for the choice of the drive (my husband did the research and made the purchase, so I can take no credit here) was that the software be Nero. I'm glad he held out for it, because it was a breeze to install, is really easy to use, very intuitive, and the results are uniformly excellent -- thus far, anyway.

The real reason for getting the drive was to be able to archive the photos. Audio wasn't under consideration, though now I'm thinking there may be some audio projects I'd like to tackle. Anyway, one of these days, I'll see how I do with audio.

All of which is to say that Nero is well worth your consideration if you're thinking of changing software.

(And, as Kittenkrazy notes, you'll need to be alert for conflicts when you install anything new. You might want to move the whole folder in which your current software resides to some dummy folder, while you try out the new. That way, its path will have changed, and it will be out of the way, but if you decide you don't like the new one, you can uninstall it, and move the original folder back to where it was and at least have the original installation restored, while you consider Plan B.)

Good luck.
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For Data CD-R or CD-RWs I use Nero Burning Rom. If I want to make an exact copy of a CD (I've copied even entire operating systems and Office suites) I use my HP computer which has a 16x CD Writer and a DVD Rom.

If I want to make a custom Music CD I use either Nero, or put them all in the Windows Media Player Library and write them into the CD.

My Nero came with my CD RW drive, so don't ask me where to buy.
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I use nero burning. I love that program. It came with my burner.

That WinMX is awesome! I don't want to speak too soon, but so far the songs I've downloaded are great! Thanks so much for mentioning it!!!

(not as bitter anymore)
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I used to use grokster (a form of kazaa) but please be careful, we caught so many viruses off these that our whole computer had to be wiped clean, we lost everything. We even had a virus protecter also, so be careful!!!
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Cindy, my programme that came with my computer wont let me do audio anymore,.

Glen, I have windows ME

Thanks guys.
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