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Need ideas for my anniversary

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My s/o have our 4 year anniversary on the 12th (as a couple, we are not married), and I think he is planning something romantic, I dont know if it is a romantic dinner out, flowers, etc..., I just think he has something in mind. I would like to give him something or do something very romantic, my brain just does not seem to be working these days.

Do you have any suggestions?

....Please have some suggestions...
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What I did one year- our anniversary is the 27th of this month- is I got us a 3 day stay at a really nice Inn. I took the room key and put it in a balloon, then had a bunch of balloons filled with helium and delivered to him at work with a note telling him there was a surprise inside one balloon. I also sent a hat pin with the bunch of balloons and so he had to pop each balloon until he found the key. Wrapped around the key was the address of the Inn and he met me there after he got off of work. I had already packed his clothes and brought them with me. It was a wonderful time away for the both of us.
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Hissi, that is such a romantic idea!
We could really use some tima away, even completely alone. Even though I want to take Oliver with me wherever I go, I think it would be healthy for the two of us (my s/o and I) to recharge our battery by ourselves. My sister has been wanting to take care of him if we would want to go somewhere for a couple of days, but now is now a good time since she had her own baby less that a week ago I hope the oppertunity hasn´t gone though, maybe I would plan somewhere away thing in the spring, when it´s warmer, and my sister has settled more into her new role.
I could suggest a ride to the family summerhouse. It only takes 45 minutes and doesnt get more romantic. That would not be a surprize though, but a really nice thing to do....still have to find some romantic surprize.
I´m keeping your idea untill spring- or summertime!
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