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Daily Thread for Monday :)

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I don´t see any daily thread for today, so I thought I´d start one...

This was another slow day here...After having watched the Grammy Awards untill it was allmost morning, I was not able to wake up early (surprice! ) as I intended, and most of the things I ment to do today got pushed to tomorrow (or the next day... )

Pollýann is not getting better, but does not seem to be in pain, and I continue to give her a lot of love, hope and prayers...

This morning, befor 8 o´clock I heard a small kitten voice crying outside my window (we dont have strays or ferals so it must have wandered off from his probably new home in the neighbourhood). When I came to the living room and tried to call him from my window he was gone. I felt really bad, not beeing quick enough, but I am sure he has found another window, and noone can resist a cute kitten so he must have gotten in somewhere, or found his home.

I hope you all are having a nice day!
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Monday's about over for me. Wow, was it a long day! I haven't been that slow at work in months. I really hope someone comes up with some work for me tomorrow. This could be a really long week...

But, I'm home now and for some reason I'm SO tired! It's only 7:00 and I'm ready to go to bed.

But hey - at least Monday's almost over!
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Give Pollyanna a big hug for me!

Just about recovered from our Humane Society's new adoption center grand opening from the weekend. We had 2 TV news crews show up and we were on both NBC and FOX TV on Saturday night (WOOHOO)!! It was exhausting - I'm the one with organization skills so I got everyone going on media coverage, fixing up the center, running raffles, games, face paintings, street signs, grand opening banners, balloons, flags, invitations, etc, etc. Whew! Made a good amount of donations which is good cause we just got in a heartworm positive dog.

Shep decided she wanted outside today - she's OLD and hasn't wanted out in about a year. I was afraid she wanted to wander off to die, so I followed her to watch her. When the phone rang I ran inside and by the time I got back out she was gone. I looked EVERYWHERE for about 2 hours, couldn't find her and panicked. She finally came wandering up to the house about 2 hours later, shivering from the cold but otherwise fine. I guess she had cabin fever like the rest of us.
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I had a migraine all day but it seems to be getting better, thank goodness. But what hasn't gotten better is my back, its been really sore the last few days.

Been downloading fonts onto my computer and printing them out for my scrapbooking class tomorrow, they have some really awesome fonts there!

Had to go into Target tonight to get my friend a baby shower present, got her a gift basket of baby bathing stuff, diaper rash stuff...you can never have too many!

Tomorrow, I will be making a pavlova for the baby shower...it has been so long since I had one and I gotta have it! My friends are demanding that I make one anyway - they love my pavlovas

Have a good day!

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I had to go to the diabetes education thing today. They gave me some little "AccuCheck" contraption to check my blood sugar a couple times a day and showed me how to use it. They also laid out a diet plan for me. It seems pretty skimpy to me but I'm going to give it a go! Now I'm beat and it's time for bed. I start my seven days on tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m.
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My day was spent shopping for food,and cleaning.
I finally got to wash the cat beds(YUCKY!) and boy dd they need it! I used a SMALL amount of detergent and no Downy(it smells like flowers strongly, thought the cats wouldn't like that.) so Now they are happy and content that mom put away the vacum monster and they have clean things to sleep on. Rocket crashed on it as soon as I brought it up from the dryer. It was so cute. I'll have to post them as soon as I get them.
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