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Dry pads

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Our newest cat, Jazmine, was a stray off the street. She has had really dry foot pads since we've gotten her - it looks like dry skin that peels on the bottom of your feet. We asked the vet and she said it was from being outside, but we've had her indoors for 3 months now.

Is there anything I can buy/do to moisturize her pads so they are not as dry?
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A fatty acid supplement helps sometimes. My Charlie had crusty feet when I adopted him from an animal shelter and I really think his nutrition just sucked there. I now feed his chicken soup for the cat lovers soul dry, wellness and pet guard wet food and also a tablespoon of linatone, a fatty acid supplement, everyday and he is really doing well. it does wonders for his coat and skin also.
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In the mean time try applying Vitamine E-Oil to stopt he skin from cracking.
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Just wanted to ask a question about dry pads and I found this thread...

I've noticed Baylee's pads are dry, and I haven't changed her diet or anything. She's perfectly healthy, drinking lots of water, etc... do I need to do something different? I've been applying Vitamin E oil to her pads but I'm concerned about her licking it off - could that be bad for her?
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