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New pics

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Took some new pics recently. Thought I would share.

This is Toby.
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This is Charlie.
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Return to Sender.. Address unknown

Just kidding! Tobys so cute.
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OMG Charlie is gorgeous!
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And this is Cheeto.
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Thanks for sharing all the lovely pictures!!
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The one of charlie laying on his back
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Very beautiful baby's
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They're all so cute! Charlie is my favorite though... must be because he reminds me of my Spike.
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Love all of the pics...very cute but especially of Cheeto. I think it's cause he kinda reminds me of a 'diluted' Nala
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I love these pictures, Charlie looks so relaxed!Cute cute cute!!!
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What pretty kitties you have.

Charlie on his back, just want to his tummy
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Thanks everyone! Believe me they are all very spoiled!
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Gorgeous. Love the one of Charlie on his back also, i could kiss his fluffy belly all over!!
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Cheeto is sooo cute!!! I absolutly love the name too!!!

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Look at Charlie's tummy! It's begging for kisses!!
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Thay are all gorgeous........ I especially love the picture of Charlie
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Beautyful pics - beautyful cats!
The one of Charlie is my favorite!
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What a pretty cat,love picture #2. he looks so content...
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