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Nena, this is for you and Jake

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You have been on my mind lately, and I hope the Jake has found his way home by now.

A Prayer for the Lost

Dear Lord I pray that before this day ends...
You guide back to her door, her feline friend.
Bring him out of the darkness, head him towards the light
That comes from the candle, in the window shining bright.

Carry her scent in the wind, find him as he roams.
Gently turn him around, and head him for home.
He must be so scared, out in the weather
He probably wonders why they aren't together.

He's missed so much, her soul lives in fear
I'm sure her pillows soaked through with all of her tears.
Did she hug him and love him on that horrible day
Before he vanished, and Fate spirited him away?

So Please dear Lord, while he's gone from sight
Let her know that we all are praying he's all right.
Keep him near to her and safe from harm
Until he's delivered into her waiting arms
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what a beautiful poem. thank you for posting that
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That was a very touching poem, thank you for posting it.

My Cagney has gone missing several times , 3 actually, and has always returned safe and sound...although this last time she came home pregnant
I'm sure your Jake is just exploring and will come home to his family soon.

Forgive me for not remembering, but how old is he?

My thoughts and prayers are with you, I know how hard it is when your friend (baby)is missing.

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What a beautiful poem!! I am wondering if there is any more news on Jake. I hope he comes home!
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It's just the worse when you can't find your cat!!! Once Rodney got out, and he didn't come home for 2 weeks!! I was so worried!! I guess he finally got hungry because he came back.
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