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I am new to this cat board! My husband & I have a total of 3 cats: They are all females, spayed & indoor only. Fluffy & Cinammon are 3, and Tigger our bengal cat is 9 months. My question is this: Cinammon has been very territorial towards Tigger ever since I got Tigger in August. She stalks Tigger........ constantly watches her, etc. She bit Tigger in the tail in November. Since then, Cinammon has been in our room when we go to work. When we are home, we let her out. If she attempts to lunge at Tigger, she goes back into the room. Tigger is terrified of Cinammon. She hisses, hunches her back, etc. I would like for Cinammon and Tigger to become tolerant of each other. I would like it so that Cinammon doesn't have to watch her or have that crazed look in her eyes and I'd like it so Tigger is not afraid.

How do we break Cinammon's territorial behavior problem?
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Territorial behavior is very hard to curb. Especially with Bengals, they are very stubborn about things. I would just do what you are doing at the moment. This is what the experts suggest for an aggressor. They even say to go as far as taking the aggressor out of the house for a week and then bring them back to try to re introduce everyone. They also say to put a collar with a bell on the aggressor to warn the other cats that they are coming.
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I am not sure if I posted it or not...... I go to so many different boards, I forget. So, forgive me if I posted already: Last weekend Cinammon charged at Tigger while she was just laying on the ground. She got her fur in her mouth, but didn't draw blood. So, Cinammon was put back into our bedroom until last night. She got to be out and about. I even got them to eat Pounce treats together. This is the only time that they will ignore each other and Tigger won't be afraid! Is this positive reinforcement? I am happy when they sit and eat Pounce treats w/o hissing, etc. I let them both sniff the can together
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Yeah, that's the kind of thing you want to do. Keep them happy when they're together.
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