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Senseless cruelty: how can little kids do this?

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This has been eating at me since this afternoon. On my way home from the train station, I often stop to pet an extremely lovable, cuddly black cat, Midnight, that is one of the friendliest felines I've ever encountered. I hadn't seen her in about a week, and was surprised that she didn't come running over to me when I stopped and called her today. I went over to her, and was shocked to see that her tail was gone. Really gone - about an inch is left, and that is all bandaged up. While I was commiserating with her, her owner came outside, and I asked what had happened, figuring she'd been hit by a car or something like that. The woman told me that she was home last Monday afternoon, and heard her cat scream. She looked out, and saw three little boys, about 9 or 10, manhandling the cat. Two were holding the cat under a jacket, while a third was messing with her tail. She went running out, the kids took off, and she found that the cat's tail had been almost completely cut off!!!!! She took the cat to the vet, who thought they'd used a razor blade, scalpel or carpet cutter, and then went to the police, taking the jacket with her. Unfortunately, there's no identification in or on the jacket, and she didn't get a really good look at the kids. The cops told her that even if they found the kids, they couldn't be prosecuted for anything, because they're probably under 14. Midnight hangs around outside her house in the afternoon, and makes up with anybody who has a kind word for her. I've often seen her playing with kids.What do we have - three future serial killers in our one horse town?
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Oh, that is SO sad! Poor Midnight! Thank goodness her owner came home when she did, or who knows what those hooligans would have done to this wonderful cat.

All I can say is that Karma is not only a b!tch, but she's also an animal lover. Even if never caught, I'm sure those children will get what's coming to them.
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I lost my faith in most of humankind when we got two black cats who were crucified on stop signs years ago. Neither cat survived the trauma and the offenders were teenage boys. Their parents were fined and that is all that happened to them.

For such atrocities I have no words, just deep sorrow for the victims-
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OMG! I can't believe that! That is terrible.
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All of the research shows that kids who do this grow into adults who abuse their spouses and abuse their children or perhaps go on to become murders. I fear there is little hope for these boys. I feel so sorry for the cat and for all of the people (and other animals) they will hurt in the future.

Heidi, I agree...Karma will get them in the end....its just so sad that so many will be hurt before karma has a chance to exact her revenge!
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I find it upsetting when I have to yell at a cat, I could NEVER to that. That made me so sad.I hope Midnight recovers and those little @$$*oles, get what's coming to them,fast!!
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Thank heavens they only got Midnight's tail and didn't kill him.

As for the boys that did this, as a courtesy to those that do not like foul language, I won't share my real feelings on a public forum. I can only hope equal treatment to them in return for this deed.
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Originally posted by jcat
The cops told her that even if they found the kids, they couldn't be prosecuted for anything, because they're probably under 14.
Doesn't the German legal system ever make exceptions???? Kids who are this cruel need to have consequences!!!! IMO, they are also very badly in need of professional counceling!

That poor cat!!!!
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Wow, that just ticks me off. Where are these kids parents? What posseses one to do something so cruel?

I'm just gonna go fume over in the corner....
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I knew a kid growing up who did things to cats that I wont put you all through , he ended up in jail , Ive also read kids who abuse animals often end up in jail
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Sick! This is a result of bad parenting.
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Ummm....who/what/where is Karma? You guys have me all confused (not that it takes much!!! )
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Karma is: (Hinduism and Buddhism) the effects of a person's actions that determine his destiny in his next incarnation.

It is used more generally to imply that if you do bad things to others bad things will happen to you. In this case you can only hope!
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It makes me think also, if kids this young can do this to an innocent animal, then what will they be doing when they are adults?!

Don't care how young they are, i'd still slap them until they had enough sense knocked into them to not do it again!!
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There aren't enough icons on this board to show my true feelings in this case! Its a matter of parenting!

If this had happened in my neighborhood, these children would have been pulp! I don't condone child beating, but a brief spanking now and then never hurt anyone. (Notice I said BRIEF)

I say these boys should be made to work community service in a rescue shelter, they must sell they love to pay for the vet bills, and something they highly prize should be broken in front of them. Smash it on the ground. And their parents should be made to work the community service as well as pay a fine!

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PS...In the US, kids under 14 can be found as Delinquent and put into a Detention Center...
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If they were my kids, they'd not ONLY pay for all that cats vet care( I mean everything!) They'd be living in a really Isolated world, no tv, no stero, no cd, no friends, nothing, just school and chores until it was time to go to sleep. that'd last until I saw that they had more respect for animals!
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Even if they find the kids, they won't be prosecuted. A couple of years ago, a 13-year-old in northern Germany knifed a neighbor's daughter. She died, and he got off scot-free, because he was under 14.
I was still upset about this this morning. While eating breakfast, I read our local paper, and came across this headline:"Woman runs over cat twice - once by accident, once deliberately"! It seems that last week a cat was hit by a car in a nearby town. Witnesses saw the driver stop, but she didn't get out of the car. Instead, she put the car in reverse and ran over the cat again. Then she drove off. Nobody got her license plate number. The cat, a 9-month-old calico, is still alive, but has a smashed paw and severe internal injuries, so she might not make it. I was speechless. We have somebody shooting cats for fun in the next town over, kiddy animal abusers in this backwater, and now this? Is there something wrong with this area, or is it just that there are cat lovers working for the local paper who make sure the public is informed?
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OMG!!! I can't believe that!!!!! It's horrible!

I can't believe it... if a 13 year old was to deliberately commit murder there would be no punishment? I've always talked out against American law being too severe, when it comes to punishment, but Germany took it to the other extreme.

I prefer the system used for that in Puerto Rico. The Constitution of Puerto Rico states that no one below 16 is to be interned into a regular penitentiary or in adult court. If the child is below that, then he is in Juvenile court and if there is confinement he goes in a special juvenile institution. He won't stay any longer than his 18th birthday... and that's the way it ought to be.
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my kids better never even think about something like this...i would go ballistic!!
That makes me so mad...
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Horrible! Hissy, that story about the black cats is horrible too. My uncle's cat had it's tongue cut out by some kids.
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The Constitution of Puerto Rico states that no one below 16 is to be interned into a regular penitentiary or in adult court. If the child is below that, then he is in Juvenile court and if there is confinement he goes in a special juvenile institution. He won't stay any longer than his 18th birthday... and that's the way it ought to be
So if someone commits murder at 16 or 17, they only serve 1-2 yrs? I don't agree with that. In the US, they stay in the Juvie system till they're 18, then they are transfered to adult prison for the serious crimes.
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When a child commits murder in this country, they get a new identity when let out?!.

A friend of mine is a prison warden, and she told me that not only do the inmates get money for cigarettes doing chores, but they are able to get degrees in many subjects they study inside for when they face the 'outside world' again!, and some of their crimes committed are quite serious!.

Hello!!!!!!, who's the ones being punished here?!.

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No Sweets, the thing can only happen if the child is 15 or less. If he is 16 or over then he may be tried as an adult, but wether or not to try him as adult or as a juvenile in 16 or older is based on the severity of the crime and such.

However, the age of majority was lowered to 18 the previous term by the anexionists. The PDP now wants to take it again to 21, which may also apply to juvenile. You keep voting at 18 and driving at 16, and drinking/smoking at 18, but the majority of age is 21.

Susan, I see the logic behind that perfectly. You see, part of the punishment is rehabilitation, so that the crooked guy isn't that crooked when he comes out. The idea is often this: If he is smart, and given the chance to study and get degrees, then he will have new career opportunities, and wil be an educated and much more rehabilited person. There is less chance that someone coming out with a minor in mathemathics and who will go now to college will start commiting crimes again.
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It's stories like this that re-affirm my decision not to have kids!

Why is your neighbor even continuing to let the cat outside? Those little demon spawn are still out there, they cut off poor kitty's tail last time what will they do next?

She should post a "found" notice around the neighborhood "Found, child's jacket size 6 etc" I'm sure someone's Mom was ticked that sonnyboy came home without his coat, kids clothes aren't cheap. Then when Mommy comes to claim it, she can learn all about the wonderful child she's raising. Although I doubt that she would care, probably idiots raising idiots.
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That's a good idea about the jacket. I asked why the woman was letting the cat out after what she had been through, and she said Midnight was inside for several days and climbing the walls. The cat really does stick close to home, and I guess her owners will be checking on her very closely.
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I read this thread yesterday and it has haunted me ever since.

Words can not articulate how much this disturbs me. Stories like this cause me feeling of despair and hopelessness about my fellow human beings, although I hesitate to even use that word, because I don't like to associate myself with someone who could do this to a sweet, innocent, defenseless creature.
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Oh my god, thats horrible! Man if I was around there Id mess those kids up. I hate little punkass brats like that. Probably grow up to be sadistic perverts. I think the law should be an eye for an eye. Cut off the cats tail, I get to take a razor to their face.


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Sounds like the little snotballs and their parents need a good trip to the woodshed for starters. There is a little boy that lives across the street that picked up a piece of landscaping timber and smacked a cat across its back. The cat didnt survive and the police did nothing to him (or his mother). I would hate to think what I would do to if those were my kids. It wouldnt be pretty thats for sure.
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