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Gooey eyes

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There is a stray that my boyfriends Mom feeds. He's a big boy and I know he is fed well . But his eyes have this reddish/orange gooey gunk in them. As of right now he dosn't come too close to us. He's still skiddish so we can't really pick him up and wipe the gunk from his eyes.

Does anyone have an idea as to what this is? Could it be an infection? I have this feeling that if his eyes go too long untreated he will go blind I hate seeing the poor guy suffer.
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Is it possible for your boyfriend's mom to try to humanely trap this cat and take him to a vet? If he is a feral, he needs to be neutered so he won't continue to reproduce and add to the problem of homeless cats. The vet could check the cat's eyes and determine what is wrong at that time also.

There are members here who are experts on feral and stray cats, and they may be able to give you better advice.
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Hello, If you can you need to trap him or if it is going to take awhile, some vets will prescribe oral liquid meds you can put in his food till you get him traped. He does need to be fixed and then you can TNR.
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