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grass to chew on?

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I saw in the pet section the other day a little pot and seends to grow kitty grass in for indoor cats to eat. Is this something that indoor cats need or is it more of a treat? I wonder b/c my cat tries to eat EVERYTHING that he can get ahold of and thought that maybe he's actually needing some sort of nutrient rather than just chewing on random things. I've also heard that chewing grass may make them throw up, so I don't want to get that started either...(BTW, he eats canned food 1 can/day and there is dry food always available that has vegetables in it as well as meat....) Thanks! Have a great day!
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I have bought that stuff before, my cats love it, it is a treat for them, they never threw up with it though, I think that happens if they get way to much, but they loved it very much, I couldn't grow it fast enough for them!
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A cat with digestive upset will chew on green grass blades in order to vomit or feel better. They use it like we use antacids. But there are special grasses you can buy just for your cat and give your kitty his own planter.
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You can go to a feed store and ask for Oat and and/or Wheat grass - that's what is in the Pet Grass packs you can buy. It is a lot cheapter to buy in bulk from a feed store.

All you have to do is put soil and seed in a pot - keep it watered and in a warm darm place - it will start to sprout in approx.4 days.
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Zoey LOVES grass. I keep a planter on the counter and both cats are free to eat it as they like. Zoey threw up once after eating it but hasnt thrown up since then and Saki kinda chews on it but I dont think he actually eats it lol.
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Same here, I have fresh grass out for them all the time. They just love it, and graze a lot. No one's horked it up yet. I'm looking for oat or wheat seeds to grow my own. I'll try the feed store, I think we have a local one.

EDIT: Found a pic! Mozart enjoying a nibble.
Also, sure, it's grown and sold in a lot of stores including PetsMart, but it gets a bit pricey $2.50x2 every week, when it's so cheap to grow one's own.
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petsmart actually carries pet grass in little containers and it is already grown..my cats love it!
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I used to grow it for all my cats, but now I've found out from the vet that one of them is allergic to it. Luna will eat it all the time. The minute she gets done eating it, she will go and throw up.
It is really nasty, as it is mostly bile and grass. (YUMMERS!)
so we grow it rarely and grow catnip instead. anyone have any ideas for something else we can grow for her?
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I just started growing kitty grass one week ago. I had to restart another pot of it after my cat discovered it and knocked over the planter. At least I know she likes it. I wanted to try it because she likes to tenderize my spider plant. She doesn't actually eat the spider plant. She just bites it and leaves her teeth marks in it.
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