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Zero scratching neck until it bleeds...

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Help please! Zero has started scratching a certain spot on his neck lately. This morning when I got home, I noticed that a patch of his skin is very raw and it was even slightly bleeding!! We cleaned him up and put some neosporin on it to try and help.

He is an indoor cat and does not have fleas. He doesn't wear a collar either. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this? Is there anything I can do for him?!

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Gus usually starts doing that too and always around this time of year. His vet thinks it's a seasonal skin condition or allergy. I've been given a cortisone cream for it in the past which didn't help much. After a month or so of scratching, he just stops and the spot goes away.
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I think you should take him to the vet. Just because you can't see fleas doesn't mean he doesn't have them. Kahu is allergic to fleas and I know he has them when he breaks out into a hideous rash. Please get him checked out just to be sure.
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You posted that his brand of cat food has been changed lately (the color etc..). It might be that the new formula is causing an allergic reaction in him. I'd take him to the vet, but check around his ears to see if they are any sores, feel along his neck, and also watch to see if he's grooming himself more.
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Louse76, I am sorry to hear this.. If I where you I would the vets office.. I wouldn't take any chances with any thing.. Hope he feels better soon..
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This is the time of year that fleas travel indoors, they come in on your shoes, clothes and find ways into your home through the walls. He could have fleas, just being an indoor cat does not make him immune. It could be an allergy, a reaction to the dryer air indoors a lot of things.
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Yeah I agree about the fleas. Zoey and Saki are indoor only and Zoey got tapeworms... figure that one out They how get monthly doses of Advantage.
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Nope, never heard of that one. The only thing I know of that Revolution can kill is fleas by paralyzing them. Maybe one of our vets on board can add to this subject.

I use Advantage and Frontline, have never used Revolution-
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I asked my vet once about it and all she said was 'there is a reason why we dont carry it'. They carry Advantage.
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It can be either fleas or an allergy to food, dust or something else or a skin condition. I'd have him checked out just in case and put on some flea meds and if the vet thinks it wise on some cortisone to relieve the itching.

Kuce does this on occassion and she hasn't any fleas (we check her very thoughly and even bath her). She does however seem to have a food allergy to certain food dyes in the dried food.
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Could be feline acne or an allergy.

My kitty has the same problem. At first the vet diagnosed it as kitty acne. She would scratch until it bleed and it just seemed to last a long time w/o healing. She was put on steroids. This was the cycle for many years. It would come and go with frequency.

Then we moved to another state and we had found a kitty dermatologist at a emergency vet clinic. (really!) Turns out she has allergies. She was allergic to the perfume in the kitty litter! At least that is what we had determined after changing the cat litter to unscented. I still believe she has another allergy because she will "breakout" every so often - but it is more like once every year or two. The kitty dermie prescribed periactin and she takes that for it ONLY when it acts up. And then it is only half a pill twice a day for 7-10 days. I crush half the pill and mix it with her food since it has such a bitter taste - sometimes a SMALL amount of tuna as a treat. It is inexpensive too - only about $5 per occurrence.

Check with your VET BEFORE YOU PUT NEOSPORIN OR ANYTHING A HUMAN WOULD USE ON YOUR CAT! It may not be good for them or even poisonous. They have a different system then us. My vet told me peroxide is OK to use. Remember, they only know you put something sticky on them and they will lick it off and go into their system.

I live in NJ if you need to bring your kitty to a dermie I can recommend the place. My email is dvanguilder@yahoo.com Pls use the same subject line otherwise I'll delete it. Good Luck!
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For an update, he seems to be doing just fine without any major changes. The main thing we did was put soft paws on his back paw so if he scratched it wouldn't hurt him. It is starting to heal and regrow hair in the spot. If it starts happening again, I may get him into the vet, but I might have to try another one because last time I asked about it this vet wasn't too helpful. I also don't like having to pay again and again because they didn't diagnose it right the first time!
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I'm glad he is doing better with the soft paws and his hair is growing back. I totally understand about the vet bills believe me! I have had several kitties with serious conditions. That is why I was so puzzled that this vet had misdiagnosed it and for years I was giving my kitty steriods. Everytime I told him that it reoccurred many times during the year - he would tell me ooh its just a bad case.

After we moved to NJ and had to get another vet and found this dermie quite by accident BEFORE we found our vet. In fact the feline dermie recommended our current vet. (Dermie was a long drive.)

Sometimes, like in people, it is a matter of trial and error. Try changing one thing at a time for about 2-3 weeks before trying something different. Could be food, one of your cleaning products, litter fragrance, carpet cleaner, just to name a few that is irritating the kitty. I try to clean with just a mix of bleach and water.

Hugs & Purrs for taking such good care of your kitty, Dorina
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Thanks for your reply.

Yeah, I spent $100 at the vet last time and really nothing was accomplished (maybe a little peace of mind). Not that the lady is incompetent by any means, she was very knowledgable and could answer my questions, but she didn't help very much. I can't see where a vet can really help more than me just asking here in many cases.

Oh yeah, then I brought him back a week or so later for a 'follow up' just to confirm... yep, he's still a kitten all right.
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I have to bring my baby in as soon as my car is back from the mechanic. I have to bring her in for blood work several times a year. Besides her allergy - she has high anomolie (Spelling?) levels which has to do with her pancreas.

Sometimes I wonder (not to scare you - just venting) whether all the steriods from the other vet did this to her.
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