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wish me luck :)

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Well everything's packed, I just need to stop by the mall and the bank and then we're going to head off to the airport for Vegas. I'm terrified of planes and this is going to be 5 hours straight.. I need some plane don't wreck, don't get mugged, and everything go smooth vibes. Thanks I'm so nervous
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You'll be fine.

You're more likely to be stung by a bee than dying in a plane crash.
Getting mugged? Hon, you're headed to Vegas! I'm sure that the punishment for mugging over there is VERY severe. I mean, there wouldn't be any punters if they all got mugged now would there?

Think positive! If you think negative, your subconcious will kick in and make things turn out badly. It sounds like it's a holiday. If so, you are required to have fun whether you like it or not!

Now, go out there and have fun!
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Sending good luck and calming vibes Annabelle.

Honestly, you will be fine. I always remember my first holiday by plane was from the UK to the USA, and i could'nt wait to board a 747, BRILLIANT!!!, and that was a 9 hour flight!!.

I felt a lot safer on a plane than crossing the road with some of the idiots behind a wheel these days i can tell you!.

Have fun and tell us everything when you get back!.

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Have a great time in Vegas! You'll be fine on the plane. They are safer than cars. Don't worry about getting mugged. Obviously, take the precautions you would on any trip (don't wave money around, hold onto your purse) but Vegas is as bright as daylight 24 hours a day. No one will be able to sneak up on you!

I'm sending smooth plane ride, no wierdo, win money vibes!!!!
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Lots of luck! Have fun.
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Lots of **everything go smooth** vibes!! Have loads of fun!
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You´ll be fine! Good luck and have a lot of fun!
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