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Are cat's fangs supposed to stick out?

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My youngest cat has unusually long fangs, (compared to my other two) that hang down about 1/4 of an inch past his lower lip. I haven't noticed other cats with long fangs, but then again, I have never really paid a lot of attention before. Is this just another individual trait like large ears or a long tail? I just went to the vet for his annual check-up but forgot to ask.
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I don't know the "scientific" answer to your question, but I do know that I have two cats. Simon's fangs also stick out below his bottom lip and Max's fangs do not. Every time I take Simon to the vet, the vet mentions what big teeth he has, but has never said it was a problem. I'm sure it's just a normal variation.
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My cats Spyder and Winnie's fangs stick out too.
And another cat I had, Blackie (since passed ), his stuck out too.
They are all black cats so I always assumed it was a trait of black cats!!!
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Saki's fangs stick out a bit more than Zoey's.

btw your grey cat is !!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the replies. I was pretty sure it was just an individual trait, but hadn't really noticed before.

Sicycat, my Oliver thanks you for the compliment. I have always thought he was the cutest cat I have ever owned, but had it confirmed at our last vet visit; I overheard the vet tech talking to the vet in the hallway outside of the examining room, he said, "Oh there is the cutest cat in there, he's two years old, but he looks just like a kitten!"
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I nicknamed my 'Lil Cat Vampire (Vamp for short) because his teeth are so long!:bat
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