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Game Testers needed

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Our new game page on Meowhoo needs your testing abilities!

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I tried the fight for territory. I didn't quite "get" what I was supposed to do, so I was randomly clicking tiles.

Anyway, the problem came when I finished the game. It took me to the page where you fill in your information and the first question stated "Your Answer" Well, I missed the question somewhere! I never saw a question, so I couldn't have an answer.

I hope this helps!
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I played Robocat - that was fun! Wish my cats could do that for every bug that came in!
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Those are some cool games
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I did the Cat Connect. On the first 3rd level game, I had 6 calicos in a row but it didn't give me the win. But it worked after that. But, like cla517 said on Fighting For Territory, there was no question.
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Everything worked fine for me.
I finished Fighting For Territory but I didn't get a question on the information page.
I also couldn't see what was said at the end of the game since it flashed by so fast.
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Where did you get those games? I would be really interested in getting some like that for the humane society website
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Fun Games
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Kitty Pong works.
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Fight for Territory works, but Cat Connect doesn't have a question to answer. Dance of the Tiles and the Drag Puzzle both work too.
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Thanks for your input everyone! When Mary Anne (hissy) first put up the post there was a space for you to fill in your answer om the form. That was there by mistake. I took it off. That's why some of you didn't "see the question" and later others didn't see anywhere for them to write an answer :P If anyone is still getting a place where they asked to fill in an answer - please refresh your page.

Thanks again for your input - I will try and post better instructions for the "fight for turf" game. Dana - the games' engines were purchased from a java programming company. I designed the tiles and images to go with them. Glad you liked them. The Java company is www.thejmaker.com.
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