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I'm still kinda shocked

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Well Jordan did it again, he has me at a loss. I know that Jordan goes CRAZY when I eat beef Jerky, but I had some last night and in an effort to take it away from me he bit me. I was on the phone taking a bite & he jumped up and tried to take a bite. He got the jerky & part of my lip and wouldn't let go for about 10 seconds. Luckily he didn't do much damage, but it was scarry & he did draw blood. My question is, what if anything can I do to make sure this behavior doesn't happen again. Sure I could just not eat beef jerky, but what happens if I'm eating something else he wants really bad. I realize he did not mean to bite me, but I certainly don't want to get bit again and who knows if I would be as lucky the next time.
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Muddy, my sweet, passive love bug, stole the pig ear chews from our puppies mouths (fought them off), walked off and growled at everyone that came close to him. He has never done that before.

My solution? Simply don't give them to the dogs anymore. It is strange when you see a behavior over food that they don't exhibit any other times. Sorry I don't have better ideas.
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When you eat the jerky put the cat up, or stop eating the jerky altogether. Not the healthiest food for a cat, way to many perservatives and really high salt content. They sometimes use brine to treat beef and make it into jerky, perhaps that is the attraction?
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I agree with Hissy that beef jerky is not a healthy treat. My concern though, is the fact that Jordan took it while you were eating it. I don't think this is an acceptable behavior although I agree Jordan did not mean to hurt you.
If there ever is a next time, I suggest you act like an alpha cat. HISS and make sure you make eye contact. It worked for me before when my girls were all over me when I was too slow giving them treats while I watched TV. Now they meow a lot but they wait.I guess they realized their meowing works faster on their slowpoke mommy!
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My cats have a thing for fruity cereals and have went so far as to knock the bowls out of the hands of the people eating to get some. After having a bowl dumped on me and Sam trying to eat as much as he could before I chased him away from it (and naturally throwing it all back up later), I simply quit buying it. Was easier than fighting with the cat over it.
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I know it's not a good treat for my boys. I'd given them each a small piece & wouldn't give them more after that. That's when Jordan decided he was going to take it. Yayi I feel the same way you do. I know he didn't mean it, but I don't think it's acceptable behavior. I work with him on sitting before he can get treats (both cat treats & people food treats) from me because he is very agressive when it comes to taking food from my hand. I have noticed an increase in his aggresivness about food over the last couple weeks. I'm wondering if he's getting enough. I had been feeding 1/2 a cup in the morning & 1/8 cup at night, but my vet told me to cut back to 1/2 once a day. Well I went with 1/2 cup, but in 2 meals as Jordan becomes destructo boy when left all day with out food. He's 8 months & weighs 10 pounds my other cat is 9 months & weighs 11 pounds. I can't free feed because of the other cat Levi. The vet even suggested light food, but I don't want to do that as they are not even a year yet.
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Sounds to me like he is hungry. Can you go with a food for an active cat? It sounds to me (from reading your other posts) that Jordan is active enough to not be too worried about his weight. My Sam is 1 year old and weighs in at 12 pounds. The vet told me as long as he is active his weight isnt a problem.
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