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Hi everyone

My name is Kristi and I'm from Maine. I have 2 cats. Coco is a Ragdoll (I think they're a long haired siamese?). Pumpkin I'm not too sure about. I'll have to post some pictures tomorrow and maybe you guys could help me out in finding her breed.

Well, I look forward to getting to know all of you and your kitties!

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Welcome to TCS! We love pictures!
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to TCS
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Hey Kristi, welcome to the forum FINALLY!!!

Roxy and Sebastian welcome you.
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Welcome to the site! Can't wait to see pictures. Raggies are one of my favorite breeds.
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Welcome! I have 2 cats, Felicia a dsh, and Beau a Burmese. They can both be seen in my signature.
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Welcome Kristi, Coco and Pumpkin!
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welcome and enjoy
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Hello and welcome to TCS to you and your babies.
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Welcome to you all
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Welcome to the site Kristi. Looking forward to seeing your babies.

Thats my little girl to the left.

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Welcome to TCS Kristi. A long haird siamese is actually called a balinese, there's no such thing as a shorthaird Ragdoll. Look forward to seeing your babies.Sam.
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Thanks for the info WC . I think she is most definatly a Ragdoll. She's a furball! When we get our next roll of film back I'll post some good pictures of her

Hey AllieCat!!
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