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Why can't they get along??

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I'm new here and really need some advice on how to help my cats get along. About 2 months ago, shortly after losing my 11-y.o. cat (he died), I got another 2-y.o. male who was a sweetheart and got along with the other cats at the shelter. I introduced him to my 12 y.o. female over a week or so, keeping them separated and sharing their scents. The first time they met face to face, she hissed like crazy, while he never hissed at all but jumped on her and bit her. Ever since then, we have kept them separated and she still hisses whenever she sees him while he has never once hissed, nor did he ever bother the cats at the shelter. I don't know what to do, they are both good cats on their own but she seems dead set against ever accepting him. She will tolerate him if he is sitting in his carrier nearby, but if he is out on the harness she freaks and hides. She will eat on the opposite side of the door from him as well, with the door partly open. He shows little to no interest in her, and never shows any aggressive signs, but we are afraid to let him loose near her. Please help!! BTW, they are both fixed. He was a "biter" when we got him, ie. he would bite our hands when we played, but he is much, much better now as we have taught him not to bite us. Thanks.
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A lot of times when a new cat is introduced to quickly after the passing of the old, the resident cat will automatically take a disliking to the new one. If you think about it, in their view, they had a good buddy, and he or she went away, and never returned but a new cat arrives, so therefore, the new cat must be a predator. This is further fueled by him jumping on her and biting her, cementing it in her that he is indeed a predator and bears watching. I wouldn't keep him in a carrier for long periods of times, I would at least let him have one room to call his own. If you can put a screen door between them, that helps with the introduction process. They can sniff at each other, and they can smell each other, but they can't get to each other.

I would also do the supervised string toy trick. Where you take a long piece of string, and on each end, tie a catnip toy to the ends. Run the string under the door, with a toy on either side, and let them play with each other that way. But don't leave the string down all the time, cats love to eat string.

I would also take vanilla extract and put it on them 3-4 times a day. Under their chins, between their shoulders, and on the base of their tail. Not a lot, just a little bit.

Also visit Organix.com and look into the bach flower remedies. I would give Holly to him, and Star of Bethelem to her. Her aggression could be the shock of losing her longtime friend, and this mixture will help her.

Invest in a Comfort Zone Room Diffuser by Farnum pet and plug it in where the two cats have the most confrontations.

Good luck!
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