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not seeing pictures

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I often hear that someone sent a picture and I only see the box with an X in it. I click on it and nothing happens. I read comments others are making about the picture and I can't get it. How are others seeing it? any suggestions,tips or explanations?
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Sometimes your browser prevents you from seeing pictures that others can. Other times members have their pictures hosted on sites that don't allow remote viewing, and this has been a problem here recently. Here is a thread about it. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=31836
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That is what is known as the dreaded red X's around here And unfortunately it happens to all of us occasionally. Like Laurie said, it can be caused by the link itself where that site does not allow remote linking. Although I have had it happen when a server is just momentarily down, and if you try again it will appear.

Nothing specific you can do, sorry
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Sounds to me like the server you are on has some type of blocking software on it if you can't see any of the pictures.
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