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My kitties seem to love Arrowhead mountain spring water, they go through it twice as fast as regular tap water. I read recently that distilled water is not good for cats because it lacks the proper minerals, but the mountain spring water (according to my fish tank tester) is high is minerals (hard) and has a high Ph content (about 8) any advice on this? They really love the arrowhead.

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The high pH would concern me... cranberry powder is often added to cat food to lower the pH (make more acidic). Neutral pH is 6-7. Drinking water that has been processed (like city water) is usually 8 (which is high..).

Sometimes sodium carbonate is added (think baking soda) to make drinking water a better pH. This addition can make you thirstier, which might explain why the cats are drinking more (added sodium..)
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I have read that distilled water is actually better for cats - especially those who have had a history of urinary tract problems. There are fewer minerals that the kidneys have to filter.
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The tap water here is not bad.. I drink it so they drink it
Saki drinks like a fish .. he loves water. Zoey doesnt drink as much.
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