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Tibby and Corkscrew pictures!

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I haven't been around in a while, but I still lurk and occasionally post. I'm still really busy with school and work. But I thought I'd post a few new pictures of Corkscrew and Tibby.

My handsome boy Corkscrew

He was trying to attack my feet under the covers!

He's trying to attack my sleeve!

Here he's eating my sleeve

Here we are acting silly!

He's attacking a different sleeve!

And a rare picture of him actually not attacking anything!

Tibby pictures comming up....
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I forgot to add this picture of Corkscrew.. yes he's attacking something!

My pretty little princess Tibby!

She's waking up from her beauty sleep.

Just hanging out on the cat tree.

She likes to eat the tails off her mice!

I think she was excited about laundry day!

She wanted to make sure that I knew it was time to clean the litterbox

just a few more...
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my two sleepy babies

Another sleepy head picture.

Ok that's all!
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Laura, I just love the pics of your kitties! Corkscrew is sucha ham! LOL and Tibby is simply beautiful, as always.
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I love looking at other people's cat pictures !! I looked, for the first time, at captioned pictures last night and burst out laughing at several pictures with hilarious captions. I really enjoy this site. Keep up the good work and keep those pictures coming. Some day I'll get a digital camera and learn how to send pictures.
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Awww thanks everyone
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Cute pictures and good to see you around! I especially love this picture of Corkscrew with his face all distorted.

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LMAO this is the best pic !!!!!!!! You should submit that one to Caption This!
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I sure 2nd that with the caption this pic . Please send that pic , I am sure we will have a lot of fun

Both of your baby's are very beautiful . Thanks for sharing those great pics with us
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Laura, thanks for the updated pictures. They are pricless, Tibby is such a gorgeous lil madame and Corkscrew is very handsome. Glad to see you're still around.
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Awwwwwww They are gorgeous!.

If there's something i love, and that's to see fur babies all cosy and asleep!

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What a beautiful cat ,his color his so pretty, all the pictures are so nice to see....
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