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My 6 cats

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When I was younger, we lived on a farm. There were coyotes and raccoons living around there. Please don't bash us for letting our cats outside. Anyways, I was just thinking about all of them and how wonderful they all were.

We had Muffy, he was a tabby cat and really sweet. We got him a companion, a black cat named Dolly and she was crazy. Muffy hated all other cats but he took Dolly under his wing. They were best friends. Anyways, Muffy was about 6 years old when he got into a fight with our neighbours cat and was left for dead in the field. Amazingly enough we found him, and brought him to the vet. A few days later, we let him back outside and he never came home. We think that Dolly ran away because our neighbours would always say that they saw a little black cat running around the neighbourhood.

After we lost those 2 cats, we adopted a kitty from a local pet shelter. Her name was Lana and she was the most beautiful, loving cat that we have ever had. She was a calico who had been abandoned by her owners when she was little. Anyways, she ended up having 3 kittens, Blackie, Pinkie and Goldie. They were all so sweet. They were so fuzzy and affectionate. We kept the kitties but I wish we would have given them away so that they could have had a better life.

I dont think that I will ever get over the death of those cats because they had such painful deaths...most of them were eaten and one of them was poisened. I think about them a lot and say that I am sorry and wish that things could have ended differently for them. We found parts of one of our cats in the field. We never did have anymore cats while we lived there thank goodness.

We now have 2 wonderful cats, Roxy and Sebastian and they are going to be indoor cats. We never want to lose our cats in such an awful way again.

The thing that helps me cope with their deaths is that I know they are in a better place. Even though they died, I know that it probably happened quickly and that it is just part of nature. Even though it is hard to accept, coyotes and raccoons are predators and prey on smaller animals just like Tigers and WOlves do. But we will never be that stupid again and we will always keep our cats indoors.
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I am so sorry to read about Muffy,Dolly,Lana,Blackie,Pinky and Goldie; they are all in the Rainbow Bridge. But don't blame yourself. You cared for them and they loved you back.
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I'm sorry.
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Please dont blame yourself, you gave them much love and you cared for them when no one else would
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You gave them love, which means a lot.
RIP sweet babies
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Thanks for your kind replies everyone. It's hard because we do blame ourselves for their deathes. But really, it isn't our fault, we can't control mother nature and we did give them loving homes. I guess some babies times are up before they should be. But it is nice to know that they are in heaven.
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i know how you feel, in my lifetime, 7 cats of mine had died.
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