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Kitty sweaters

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I was wondering if anyone knew where to find kitty sweaters? I've looked online but haven't found anything...

I feel so bad that my kitties get so cold during the winter because our apartment is drafty, especially our bedroom where they insist on sleeping so that they're with us. They can always be found during the day laying on heating vents, and I'm worried that they may be too cold.
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my grandmother uses dog sweaters. The size for toy dogs.
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Really your cats should be fine, if they are sleeping by the heat, then they have found the right spot to sleep. Putting sweaters on cats means that their natural protection over time to ward off cold will be stripped away. In other words, they will need sweaters to stay warm instead of being able to do it on their own. Some breeds need these sweaters, but others like yours should be just fine.

You might look into www.cat-tail.com and check out their warming beds for cats. These are a big hit over here in the cold of the winter.
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