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Hello all! Introducing......

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Hi everyone!
I have been reading the forums here for some time, I figured it was about time to register and introduce myself and my kitties!
With that, meet George, Bastage, and Claudia:

Kitty Profiles:
Bastage - The last kitten available at the local pet store. Our first kitty to move into our apartment. Named appropriately within the first couple of weeks, as he wreaked havok wherever he went. His main form of exercise is running to the kitty food and chasing after Claudia. Generally he is the one who starts all the trouble. This cat will eat anything, and it doesn't have to be food. Plants, plastic, carpet and cat fur are a few. About 5 cans short of a 6 pack.

George - He has lived in many locations, including a college dormitory, where he aquired a taste for red wine. His sleek and slender build is indicative of his athletic nature, and he exercises often by racing around the living room chasing after his cat toys. Claws are razor sharp, allowing for perfect traction on carpeted floors, and for climbing trees when I let him out to chase the local squirrel population. Will eat nearly any meat, but can smell seafood a mile away and will persist in his attempts to eat some until he is successful.

Claudia - Originally an outdoor cat, she is the most shy of the three. A feminine body and beautiful coat make her look very pretty no matter what she is doing, but especially when she is sleeping- which is often... Although she can be very acrobatic, and gets the most use out of our carpeted kitty tower. She won't eat anything other than dry or canned cat food.
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Welcome to the site! I'm glad you registered so we can get to know you and your beautiful kitties! I loved the profiles of them...I feel like I know them already.
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Hi and welcome!!!!
Your kitties are so beautiful!!!

I enjoyed the profiles very much!!!
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Hi and welcome to the site!
Your cats look great, especially Claudia. I love the silver tabby color.

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to TCS
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welcome beautiful kitties!
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Welcome!What a beautiful cat trio!
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Welcome,more pics.We love pics.
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I LOVE kitty profiles, thanks for sharing their little personalities and their pics! Can't wait for more.
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Welcome to TCS to you, Claudia, Bastage amd George.

Love your profiles of your kitties.
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Hi and welcome. Hum - seafood and red wine, thats one kitty with expensive tastes you have there
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Welcome to the site.

What gorgeous babies you have!, and i love their titles!.

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Your cats are beautiful! I especially love Bastage he has a cheeky look in his eye but also sits like the king. Welcome to TCS, glad you've joined.
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Cute kitties!!! Welcome to TCS
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Welcome to TCS your cats are so adorable, It looks like you take very good care of your cats. there fur looks so good.
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