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Micro Chipping?

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This didn't seem to fit in the health forum or the grooming forum so Ill put it here and let the mods decide

Have any of you micro chipped your Kitty's? if so how much did it cost? have you had cause to use it ? I'm wondering how effective it is.

anything else you'd like to share about it
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I've micro chipped both my kitties... cos my cost is in sing dollars so it prob wouldn't be the same in US or anything but having my two babies micro chipped does help when they get lost and they get picked up by the authorities and they would be able to trace me and let them get back to me... also another thing, i have every right to sue the government if they were to put my kitties to sleep if they are found lost and they have not notified me at all cos they have a tag number and is registered, not any stray or feral kitties..
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Both of mine are microchipped but they came that way when I adopted them. I think its like $30.
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I had JC microchipped - it cost me around $14 - $15 at the going exchange rate. Thus far we haven't had to use it, but you never know. There was a story in Cat Fancy recently about how a guy was reunited with his cat that had disappeared ten years earlier - possible only because the cat was microchipped.
In this country, laboratories can't buy and use dogs and cats that are tattooed or chipped, so I had both done to Jamie, the former when he was neutered. I also have him entered in three different registries (two German, one European). The German registries didn't charge anything, and registration in the European one was included in the implantation fee. The rates seem to vary in the U.S., though. My mom paid a little less than I did for her dogs' and cat's transponders, while some people here on the forums have paid much more, or gotten much higher quotes from vets. It probably pays to call around and ask.
Implanting the microchip is a matter of a few seconds, and doesn't seem to hurt as much as some inoculations.
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Here ya go, I found this thread I replied to about Microchipping.
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I think there's a few threads on microchipping! But I have my cats chipped. Some came already chipped. You can have it done here at the humane society though, for $25. Half price if you adopt a stray and take it in. Henrietta was chipped by her previous owner and it cost me $15 to have it put in my name! It's worth it for the peace of mind.
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I just had my boys micro chipped 2 weeks ago. Cost will vary from place to place. Here in Milwaukee our humane society does not micro chip for the public. So my vet did it & it was $35 per chip & then another $12.50 for registration in the nation wide data base. Just a tip if you decide to do it ask around about what type of chip is used most often in your area. There are 2 brands. I found out that our animal control (the people who pick up lost animals in the area) has both micro chip readers so it didn't mater what my vet used. Since it's only been 2 weeks I've not had to use it, but to me it's a simple thing to do for my own peace of mind. Obviously the best protection is never to let your cats out, but since my guys try to run out from time to time I decided I wanted the chips.
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Im getting both of mine chipped soon since they are indoor/outdoor. Though my past cats have never been chipped and none of them have ever gotten lost or wandered anyway, so it's probably unecessary for me, but Im going to do it now just in case. Back when my other cats were kittens, a good 15 years ago now, chipping wasn't so common.
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I got Rosie chipped when she was in the cattery. It cost £10 ($20?).

I'm also putting a collar on her with a tag to say she is chipped, just in case.
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