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My friend back east recently rescued a Quarter Horse mare from an auction. She was going to slaughter, and was only 10 years old! She had holes in her stomach and wires dangling down outside her belly! She was being used by a company and she would be periodically shocked and they would "watch her to see how her muscles responded to the shock!" It was a huge drug company that had her. Now, she is out on my friends 40 acres with other rescued horses and she is coming around to understand that all humans are NOT bad. The vet has told Susan that to remove these wires is to shorten this mare's life, so they leave them in. It really boggles my mind that people do this to animals, especially with all the computer advancements they are making these days, you would think someone could design a robot or computer to take the place of these unfortunate animals.
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Ok -

1. No flaming is allowed. Next time me or the mods see flames breaking we will either close the thread, delete it or edit the posts.

2. The testing on animals subject and the Iams controversy are very important and belong in the SOS forum, where there is already a thread on the subject. Any further comments here will simple be deleted.

3. Questions like what does everyone feed their cat belong in the health and nutrition forum and not here. When posting then, please keep all threads on subject.

I am now closing this thread. Further mature and non flamanble discussion should be taken to the respective threads/forums mentioned above.

I welcome the new members who posted in this thread. May I suggest you make a proper introduction in the lounge. Perhaps you'd like to hang around for a while, get to know some of the members and get a feel of the place first.

Thank you,

Anne Moss

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