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What does eveyone feed their CAT?  

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Well, I use to feed my cats IAMS and EUK until I found out that their company (PROCTOR AND GAMBLE) does animal testing on precious dogs and cats. And every sinse PROCTOR AND GAMBLE bought IAMS AND EUK, the quality of their pet food has gone DOWNNNN BIG TIME!!!
So NOW, I feed my cat this stuff called, SPOT's STEW for CATS. They sell it at the health food store down the street from me, My cats absolutely love it...I will never go back to IAMS or EUK again.

If you goto their website which is www.halopets.com
I believe,,,,,they will send u a catalog of their healthy pet food
as well as a FREE SAMPLE!!!

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I feed my cat Pet Treet wet food and Pro Plan dry food.
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Little furry mice possible made from rabbits..

Just kidding.....

Science Diet

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Haha!!!! Funny Ken!!!!!! :laughing:

I feed my outdoor cats walmart brand cat food, it is roughly $7.00 for 22 lbs, I think. My cats love it!!! Exept for Merlin....he has to have his OWN special catfood, which of course he comes inside to eat (he is the only cat hubby allows inside, long story) I feed him, this expensive crap, Kit 'N Kaboodle......it says it is the ONLY cat food with stuffed morsels AND crunchy bits!!! :laughing: :laughing:

Anywho, he loves it!!!!!!! So the sucker I am keeps buying it!!!!!

Oh, and Ken,I saw you tried to send me message about the virus cd you and sent me, and my pm box was full....please try again!!!
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I don't want things to get ugly, or to be flamed but I feed my cats Euk. LAZAHN I have seen your other posts to people that do, and I just ask that you respect that and not tell me I'm hearless or ignorant.

thank you
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Personally Colby, just between me and you, I think this person isn't here because they love cats so much, but because they are trying to promote their cat food.
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I can't believe this is a cat site and you all don't know anything about PROCTOR AND GAMBLE and IAMS and on top of that don't even care. I am not promoting anything but welfare of animals...I have no idea why people sound so uptight and heartless on this message board. If i wanted to promote a site, it would be MY OWN SITE which is www.animalHappy.com THANK U VERY MUCH!!!

As far as me recommending (NOT PROMOTING) the halopets.com site ONLY
to benefit people who feed their pets LOW QUALITY FOOD
(LIKE WALMART) because I don't think any pet deserves to
eat road kill, low calcium beak and heads of chickens,
so their poor cats can barely digest what they eat.

Dr. Christina Pino
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I think we would all prefer if you posted a little more nicely.. Not because we are ignorant, and want to feed our animals low quality walmart chicken beaks, but because you are being a bit rude. You are obviously more educated in the food area than we all are.....so why not post about it in the Health and Nutrition forum!
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As my grandmother used to say, 'you catch more flies with honey than vinegar'. You might be able to educate people easier if you were polite instead of hitting them in the face.

I have no ill will toward you. I just think you might find it more useful in future indeavors to be polite.
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together. "All of us don't care about what our pets eat?" You just pull that up out of thin air because one person told you that they did not want to hear about the cruel research that some companies do with animals, so you assume we all don't care? I do animal rescue, and I only feed my cats and dogs Kirkland. It is the only food that they can eat without problems as most of my rescues are abused and abandoned. I don't feed Iams or Eukanuba because it doesn't sit right with their digestive systems.

You have cross-posted this type of thread in several forums.Our webmistress locked your last post, so you get on here again and try a different track asking us this time what we feed our cats so that you can put your input into this thread. If you look at the numbers that read your original threads, you will see that people are reading your message, but only a few are responding. You might want to think why that is, before you decide that all of us are heartless, ignorant and don't care for our animals
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I just expect people to treat me with the same respect that I give them.

it's a courtesy
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Hey Kat lovers,
Yes you are very correct Lazahn.I think it is great you are getting the word out about the Iams. My friend is starting a petition against them.
What she is saying is very true. Alot of people aren't educated in what is going on with animal testing these days. Peta and other orgs have come down so hard on companies that do use dogs, cats, kittens, and other animals for testing and some have cut back on animal testing but it is still going on. The only reasons why they do this is because they need back up just incase a lawsuit is brought against a company, such as P & G. I feed my cat Precise Pets. I get it from the health food store as well. My cats like it alot. There is No artificial chemical preservatives in any Precise food! and they're company does absolutely NO animal testing.There are important differences even among "premium" brands. Ingredients vary in quality. Many other brands use chicken by-product protein or meat by-product protein. Chicken by-product protein can contain feet and heads. Meat by-product protein may contain no meat at all. By-product protein is harder for your cat to digest. Many foods use lard or "animal fat" as sources of fat. Often these are lower quality, cheaper grades of fat. More Quality... More Digestible In general, the higher quality the ingredients in food, the more digestible it is. And the more digestible it is, the less you have to feed to give your pet the nourishment he needs.

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the issue isn't whether we agree or disagree with what the doctor is saying, it's how it's being said.

When someone doesn't immediatly jump on your bandwagon you don't turn around and tell them what a heartless, ignorant idiot they are. That isn't going to help convince them to listen to you. That's only going to turn them off.

We work very hard here at keeping the peace and treating each other with respect.
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...Oh and save the drama for someone else Air princess. It is obvious you are starting a confrontation. This isn't the Jerry Springer Forums
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if you go back and read, all I did was state what I feed my cats. Did you see the previos post the Dr.Pino made to Tigger?

I'm not trying to start drama.
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I don't care to go back and read anything.
All I see is your rude remarks and it is not appreciated on this board. If someone is talking back to you or talking bad about you on this forum. NO ONE CARES! DROP IT!
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what did I say that was rude?
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so you can make a remark about Jerry Springer, and me stirring up drama, but I'm the one that needs to drop it?
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I think that airprincess is trying to make a point..... after all the Dr. called me heartless and ignorant. And, IMO, AirPrincess is not being rude!!
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Sounds like air is starting a cat fight to me--If everyone would just let their damn guard down and realize Lazahn is doing nothing but trying to help--I support and volunteer an animal organization that investigates companies that do animal testing so I see horrible pictures, and hear horrible stories as well as write and type letters
weekly to congress, senators, District Attorney's ETC trying to help stop such cruelty. So it discust me that I come to a site to talk with people who supposedly support cats and I see replies such as

"I don't care to hear about what they do, (ANIMAL TESTING)and even if they do this testing, it is hard for me to believe it....... One of the reasons I chose not to read such stuff like this. I really dont need to see animals being hurt. After all...... what you don't know won't hurt you! Sorry to sounds rude, but it is my opinion."

I mean come on people. Sound very heartless to me. Not only that but a waste of my precious time I spend on trying to stop this sort of thing from happening. And by the way Tigger, Animal Testing Does exist. goto site like www.peta.com . Read up on it. If you don't want to because "WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW WON'T HURT YOU" That fine, But noone ever asked you for your smart remarks. This Lazahn chick is just raising awareness and doing good. Don't knock her.
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Dear Lahzhan :angel2:

There will be people that will agree with you 100% then others have decided way before they've researched or perhaps they have and decided they don't care. Either way, your voice will reach many today, and be grateful for the ones that you do reach. We can't be judgemental over what others do, the only way we possibly change things is to change ourselves first.

I remember researching these allegations regarding Proctor & Gamble when they were first released. I found that the amount of material released on this discovery was so abundant that it almost was impossible to draw a concise conclusion. So, from there I called the company itself..it's incredible that they must, by law tell the consumer how and what is put into the products that they sell.

I found that speaking and pulling teeth from a representative is much easier than reading six-hundred plus pages of legal documentations. At that point, I signed the petition and do not feed my animals that food. However; there are group of people that will continue to do so. So, let it be...the truth will always prevail.

Love, Peace &,
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To quote the good doctors words........

Hey Kats
I don't care to go back and read anything.
All I see is your rude remarks and it is not appreciated on this board. If someone is talking back to you or talking bad about you on this forum. NO ONE CARES! DROP IT!

ummmmmmmmmmmm, yes.........WE DO CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Colby is a very respected member here, and if this flaming keeps up, you will not be allowed to come back. STOP IT!!!!!!!
Educating people is one thing.....being an @ss is quite another.
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And stop posting under two or three different names...we are not that stupid.

Your message is a good one, really.....but be NICE about it!!!!!! If you can't be nice, don't post here....under any name! EEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
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And regarding the post from Lazahn, for her to say I am heartless, ignorant and don't care about my animals...... that me off! Who is Lazahn to say I don't care about my animals just because I feed Eukanuba??? You don't know a thing about me, but I can assure you: I take damn well care of my cats.... more than you'll ever know!!!!!! I'm sorry, but I am venting!
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Thanks alot Catarina for that message and it is sooo true.
I am hear to inform people who don't know about animal testing. If people like to read what I have to say...they can READ ON and if they don't...I NEVER ASKED FOR THEIR NEGATIVE REMARKS if you know what I mean. It is just something that has deeply touched my heart. And I am not trying to push any opinions on anyone, I am just trying to inform. A few years ago, I had no clue about animal testing either but, I learned and I like to inform others about it. Hopefully someday their will be enough people who care to help stop it.
Like I said, I can't help but think of my cats and how those helpless cat could be pets of mine.
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Sorry Cat...I really did want to talk to you tonight, but I got so angry over this crap, and felt I had a responsibility to Anne, and to the other members here, to say what had to be said. Sorry if you disagree.....but this is not what the catsite is about....people coming on here and insulting others.
If this person has an opinion about cat food......GREAT!!!!!!!! Post it in the HEALTH AND NUTRITION forums!!!!!!!! And don't insult the regular members here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I apologize, Catarina, I did mean to get offline so I could talk to you, because I love you dearly, and I know you are upset by all of this.......but I had to stay online and say what I had to say after reading the last few posts here.

By the way....if this flaming keeps up, I am going to close this thread. This is ridiculous!
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I wonder why people like Lazahn & Vanessacat mention only Procter & Gamble's name but not the other companies ??

Also I believe that Vanessacat & Lazahn are friends & he/she came to this site just to back him/her up ! (Florida-Tampa??) Why else on earth would someone come to a site & attack people whom she/he doesn't know ??

Everyone here knows the claims about Procter & Gamble & it was discussed here in a humane way before !

"All I see is your rude remarks and it is not appreciated on this board. If someone is talking back to you or talking bad about you on this forum. NO ONE CARES! DROP IT!"

If calling people with names like rude, heartless, ignorant etc. is politeness, then we are the rude ones, you are the polite one. You also don't care, so why don't you go somewhere else where there are polite people like you ?

"That fine, But noone ever asked you for your smart remarks"

So MichaelPasquale, did anyone ask you about your "smart remarks" !

Sorry guys, but this is not a humane way to achieve something..
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I DO KNOW that companies do animal testing. For your information, I did a research paper in one of my English classes, so don't tell me that I don't know what goes on. You make it sound as if I don't care, which is totally untrue..... I DO care about animals. I just chose not to read about that, and you tell me not go give my 'smart remarks'? I chose not to read about it because it is a sad thing that will never ever end. It hurts to know that an innocent animal is being tested on. So, I choose not to read about it.... what's the big problem? Same reason why I choose not to go into the shelters or read about people's animals being hit by cars...... Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I really don't appreciate what you are trying to say about me!
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Dodo......very well said! I have the feeling that Lazahn (or however you spell it), Vanessacat, and Michael P, are one and the same.
Too much of a coincidence to happen all in one night.
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