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Please all members read this posting-

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We are trying to maintain this bulletin board and keep it flowing, and not violate other's rights as we peacefully coexist here. Because of this and our growth, we felt it was time to address all the copyright infringements that have taken place in the past.

No one is pointing fingers here. I am just as guilty as some in bringing in photos that do not belong to me, or texting over articles etc. But I had no idea the impact it has, the bandwidth that it can steal from others who have to pay for me or someone else when we lift it from their website.

When I first came online here, I dropped the cutest photo of a hamster in a walnut shell here online to share. I didn't think anything about it- well to make a long story short, the photographer noticed her bandwidth being stolen and her image linked and she was livid! She contacted me via email and she and I had a bit of a battle and now, I count her as one of my dearest friends and mentor to boot. So, as I said, no one is pointing fingers, we are just asking all of you to think before you post from now on, and don't be surprised if you don't think- that your post vanishes soon and you receive a mild warning.

If there is copyright information underneath the article (just straight copyright information) then it is fine as long as the information is transferred with the article.

If it says "This article cannot be used without express permission of owner", or has a restricted copyright notice, then it is stealing.

If you are in doubt, simply link the address to the board and leave the words where they were originally placed.



Copyright law is mostly based with civil law. To violate this law, meaning if you take someone else’s work and post it in a place the author, or photographer, or artist is unaware of, then you open yourself up to be sued, or worse yet, put this website at that risk.

Just because you see it on the Internet, does not make it a free for the taking. Respecting the original creator of the words, the best way to share whatever it is you see is to put the link here, and leave the words where the original person can find it.

This applies to photographs, stories, news articles, drawings, cartoons it all is copyrighted unless underneath the item are the words "I grant this for public domain." That means anyone and everyone can have the item and do with it what they wish.

Copyright grants two specifc rights to the person behind the work. They get the right to use the work and profit from it and they get the right to say where that work should be exhibited.

Please respect their hard work especially on the Internet where it is so easy to take control away from the person or persons who deserve it so much.


In keeping with this and due to recent events on the board, the following rule will be added to The Guidelines here: asks its members to please respect the copyright issues of other users, sites, print-work, photographers etc. Users reposting copyrighted information on TCS without express permission from the original owner will receive a warning and their post will be removed.
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Thanks for the info, Hissy. I just want to ask: when you mean straigh copyright info, do you mean something like: Copyright 2001, CNN international.
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Right if that is what is says and you transfer it over, then it is fine, but a lot of times there is other text after that and in that case you need to leave the article, photo, cartoon, etc... there. Again the best bet is just to link to the website where the information is stored.
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Thanks for that Mary Anne.
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Thanks for the reminder, M.A.. The rules are a little bit different here, particularly pertaining to teachers and teaching material, and I hadn't given the matter much thought.
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Thanks for the reminder MA.... I will try to heed the advice that was given here.
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Thanks for the heads up MA!
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Thanks for letting us know.

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Ok MA thanks for the heads up!
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ok will comply
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Okie dokie, read and understood
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Thanks for the reminder MA. Read it and understood.
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Bumping this up in case some members missed this.
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Thank you for the heads up. Compliance assured.
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One more bump wont hurt.

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Bumping for everyone in IMO.
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gotcha! Next time will be more carefull.....
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Thanks so much,Hissy!
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Read it and thanks MA.
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Got it. Thanks for post this.
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This needs to be bumped even though it is an older thread it is still an issue here from time to time
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Roger that, thanks MA.
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