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Eggs or other foods as a treat?

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Just recently my hubby had fed Kolohe (10 months) and Koa (9 1/2 months) some scrambled eggs. Just cooked it without cooking oil. He thought that he'd feed them something different as a treat, besides the wet food that we give them twice a week. Now I had told him that I don't want them eating that type of food, maybe until they get a little older (I know, I sound weird).

Have any of you cooked your cats a certain type of meal as a treat? I was just wondering, because I'm just a worried mother who wants to make sure they are kept healthy. I have bought 3 books so far, since I've adopted my kitties. ASPCA Cat Care Manual, CAT Owner's Survival Manual, and Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook. The first two books explain what food you could feed your cat. But I haven't tried them out yet, because I'm not sure.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Please do not feed you kitties whole eggs. Egg yolks are fine, either raw or scrambled or cooked, but egg whites are not good for cats and will eventually interfere with their biotin level.
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Cooked whole eggs are fine, the problem hissy mentioned is only with raw egg whites. (and some of us don't agree with that either, but cooked egg whites are most definitely safe)

I think the kind of treat your hubby made for the cats is perfectly fine every now and again, as long as it doesn't make up a big portion of their diet.
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I sometimes give mine pouched or scrambled eggs as a treat also. Biotin deficiency is only a problem when raw egg whites are fed without the yolk.
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Thanks for your response, ladies! And no, we would never give them raw eggs. I did tell the hubby that this was the only time they'd be given this type of food. He understands how I feel, since I'm the type that worries a lot. I was so afraid that they'd get a tummy ache. But anyhoo, you've made me feel a whole lot better.

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My mom makes this stuff called Liver Brownies, it is for dogs and cats, it has like 1 lb. of liver, ham baby food, and some other stuff (I don't remember the whole recipe, but if someone wants it I can find it) Let me warn you it smells HORRIBLE, but they love it to death.
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The vets have always told me that when you do feed cooked egg whites to your cats, make sure the egg whites are completely white before taking it off the fire. And the biotin level is only affected when it is a steady diet of eggs (raw) given to the cat over a long period of time.
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I found over the last 15 years and 5 cats, that what works for one cat doesn't work for another. One cat could handle a bit of cream occasionally, another couldn't tolerate it at all, and another was just fine with it daily.

How as he after he ate the eggs?
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Gloria- They were fine, and loved the cooked scrambled eggs. Haha!
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