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my kitty pics!!!

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Its been two weeks since I went and picked up two new kittens. My husband and I have been fighting URI's and ringworm. So I havent been able to post pics. Between meds and breathing treatments and trips to the vets Ive been a little busy. Im keeping my fingers crossed that we have finally turned a corner to recovery. Well here they are Vanna and Samson are the new kittens and big Max my siamese and Simon the persian. My grey cat Trouble could not be reached at picture time so I will post her later. She has not taken to the kittens like my other two cats. So normally she is hidden way up high and looks down her nose at us mere mortals. I have been trying to get an up close picture of Samson because he has one beautiful blue eye and a crisp golden eye. I will keep trying. He is deaf and that doesnt help as well cause you cant just call his name to get his attention.

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My two kitties are Simon and Max, too! Is that Max who is shaved in the first picture? Do you keep him like that all the time, or did he just need a shave? They are all beautiful!
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Max is the siamese. Simon is shaved. He is a persian and I keep him shaved all year round like that. He knots up so bad and he HATES and I mean REALLY HATES to be brushed. He bites,scratches and just flips out when we tried. We picked up Simon at a pet store and they said he was pure bred persian but the breeder wouldnt offer papers even if I had him neutered. We Went in to get fish and came out with a cat. Go figure. Took us about 2yrs to get him to poop in the litter box and not next to the box or in the bathtub. There were even times he would pee in the bathroom sink. He was five months old when we got him and didnt like to be petted or touched let alone brushed. Our vet recommended we shave him to help with the knots. So I get him shaved every three months with a lion look. I leave his head,legs and the tip of the tail fluffy. Doesnt give the groomers a lick of trouble. Unbelievable. They love him up there. He comes home with an attitude of Im the man.
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Lovely kitties - all of them!!

Moving this to Fur Pictures for you.
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Very pretty kitties!

I want to see more of Simon with his lion attire!!
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