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Don't know where this goes!!! Cat names.........

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Sorry kitties and kats!!
I don't know where this question would go on the, i'll stick it here for now...~grins~
I've heard some time back that cats respond better when their names end in something with "y" or "ee"......something with a long "e" Baby....KiKi...
I've seen many cool names like that here...but I've also seen many cool names that don't end with the long "e" sound...
Has any one ever heard this before? And am I the only one that practices this? I'm runnin' out of names!! ~lol~

{owned by Baby and KiKi}
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Really? That's funny, I've never heard that, but it does kind of make sense. It's almost like when you talk to a baby you draw out the vowel sounds.

My cats are Simon and Max, but I always call Simon, Simee. Max is just Max!
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I think this is more of a Lounge thread.

Neither of my kitties names end in a "ee" sound. I have Trent and Ophelia, and they both respond to their names. Although we usually call Trent Boo or Boo-Bear, and Ophelia is Baby Girl or Baby Doll, or Little Girl... But actually none of those end in an "ee" sound either! LOL
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None of ours end like that. We have Gizmo, Mittens, Princess, Taylor, Scooter, Mia, Onyx, Neko, and Doku...the last two are japanese but I don't pronounce Neko the right way, Doku means poison and she comes whenever her name is called so I dunno?
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Cool, I never thought of that. I do call both my cats by long E sounds. Call mac, Makee, and MissKitty just Kitty.

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I hadn't heard that, but it makes a certain amount of sense.

The thing I have heard is that cats respond best to names with sibilants in them, so that's had some effect on my naming practices: Cindy, Suzy, even Fawn I guess, though that was Rob's choice; and then RB cats, Samantha, Shasta, Chinook. Of these the least responsive is Fawn, but I don't think that has much to do with her name -- it's just who she is.

We didn't name Gryphon and Nibs, since they came to us as adults. Gryph responded well to his name; I don't think it would have mattered what Nibs was called -- he marched to a different drummer, and would respond or not as the spirit moved -- much like Fawn!
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Although Rosie just has a little 'e'. When i call her it's "ROSIEEEEEEEEE" lol!!

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It's something that I've heard from three vets and from two vetrinary shows that I ocassionally watch, and also from a cat names book.

Though my cats are named Russell, Esper and the kitten is still nameless at this moment.
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I have heard the same thing, but with "s" in the names. Someone even though she had prooved this theory while in Canada years ago. The people she was staying with had a cat that responed better to her Icelandic call "ksskss" than the english "kittykittykitty"

Neither of mine have s in their names though Pollýanna has an "s" in one of her nicknames though (Púsla)
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My boys respond to their names. Pipsqueek and Frantic. Pip has the most knicknames tho...he's Pip, Pippers, even Poohbear. When he hears Poohbear he rolls over for a tummy scratch. Hmmm, none of them end in EEE.

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Ps...What does Pusla mean??
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Originally posted by Sweets
Ps...What does Pusla mean??
Púsla doesn´t really mean anything. I sometimes call Pollýann "Pooh", and with Icelandic spelling that would be "Pú". Sometimes "-sla" is added to nicknames in Icelandic, which makes them more personal and loving (in my family I am called "SÃ:censor:sÃ:censor:" (noone else allowed, not even my s/o!) and my oncle always used to call me SÃ:censor:sla...) So Púsla is just Pooh, with extra love
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Yeah I have heard this before but judging by other peoples cat names it works just as well with a,b,c,d etc
My tulip comes whatever but she does get called tullee, Katy (end in an e sound so thats okay,misha gets called mish and arrives whenever there is food regardless of being called anything. Little dirt took ages to get his name but is okay now.
I heard that if you use 2 'words' that works better, so tu-lip, mi-sha, ka-ty. So the word goes up and down so to speak. No wonder dirt doesnt answer with only 1. He comes to dou-gie though(dont ask!)
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I like "ee" names. I call Cupid "Cupie" (kewpie) or "Cupie poo" most of the time. When he's being a rascal, then I call him "CUPID NO!"
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My cats names don't end like that either. I call Peppurr - Boo, Booda, Peppy, Purr-Purr and Elvis! Zeus goes by - Zeusy, Deuce, Zeus-Zeus and Sweety!
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What an interesting question! That's new to me. Very cool.

Let's see, only one EEE name here, Pixie. Although I call them all 'sweetie', so there's another EEE. But all mine know their names, and come when called, EEE or not .

I don't know about 'ssss' endings though, to me it would sound like hissing? I tried 'ssss'ing them once, and they looked freaked out.
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I never heard of it either. My cat's name is Summer. Our cat's at home are Peanut and Crazy Cat. Our cat that passed away a few years ago was Friskie, so I guess that counts as eee. We've had numerous TNR cats throughout the years that we named: Fritz, Baby, Candy, Midnight, Stormy, Hope...etc. I really don't think it matters, I think once a cat learns his or her name they respond to it, it doesn't matter what sounds it contains. As for the calling thing, I think it just matters what they are used to and what particular setting they are in. My older sister whistles and her cat comes to her....I make a clicking noise for Summer, I think it's all related somehow. Cats are intelligent, and know when they are being talked to or called, but it is ultimately up to the owner to give reinforcements for these type of behaviors, and decide what they want to use, not what particular sounds make their ears pick up. People also think of their cats like babies (I do) and hence the cute names/nick names.

Lacey (one of THOSE names j/k)
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Thanks everyone for the tidbits.....a bunch of interesting opinions.....i asked my kitties and they just looked at me like i was dumb...~giggles~
As i think about Baby knows what i'm sayin' when i ask him if he's "ready for bed" and "where's the bird", i guess the eeeee theory is outta 'tha window!!! ~lol~ Most of the times they immediately stop what they are doing when i say QUIT!!....and that doesn't end in eeeee....but they know the meaning of it!! ~loL~
Thanks for all the input!!!

{owned by Baby and KiKi}
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My kitties don't have names ending in an 'e' sound (except our newcomer Shaedi) but somehow they ended up getting nicknames that have 'e' sounds- Onyx is always called Onnie, and Gibbons is Gibby

Its easier to talk baby talk to them when they have cutesie names
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